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25 Lyrics

f*ck blowin’ money lil nigga you better stack it up
Please cut that nigga song off cause he wack as f*ck
Bro just came home from prison he’ll stab you up
She say “Pablo stop trippin’ you in my gut”
This bitch p*ssy so good I can’t get enough
Bro died before he was 25 got to live it up
Bitch gave me head all night she got 20 bucks
If this [?] how I want might drive [?] truck
Got love for lil [?] when I’m down she always pick me up
They caught unc serving out the spot let me call Kenny up
New iPhones just dropped let me call Jimmy up
He don’t give a f*ck about his credit he’ll f*ck it up
Choppa make a nigga hopscotch Glock make him double-dutch
I love a foreign bitch with a ghetto butt


ain’t nobody gon’ rob you why your bezel tucked?
Took some time out from having fun had to level up
Next car I cop gon’ be faster they ain’t catching up
Lil nigga he done pulled a muscle tryna flex on us
Singing to a bitch while I’m high feel like [?]
Chain dancing like it’s Bobby Brown you ain’t made enough
f*ck a record deal boy you broke call them labels up
Seen a picture of her and her friends say “Come play with us”
Life’s that I rap it be true I can’t make this up
Niggas talkin’ tough and they soft gone and tape ’em up
Bitches throw me p*ssy cause I’m rich I can’t rape a slut

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