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4+ Ways: How to earn money online in 2022 | $2000 per month

How to earn money online 
How to earn money online 

Today we will talk about a topic that many people do not know every day on Google search “How to earn money online” but people do not get the right answer about this, so today we will talk about this topic “ How to earn money online ” You will know about how to earn money online on sitting home . Do you know that today in 2021 there are millions of people who make millions from internet, and read full to know how to earn.

Let’s start without any delay –

How to earn money online 2022

All the methods that I have told here are 100% trustable , there is no froud method out of it, by using this method, people do not know how many people are earning lakhs of rupees today.

1.) Blogging

How to earn money online

Blogging is the most popular way to earn money in the online world. It means sharing information or knowledge on any topic or anything on the internet. When you search anything on Google and whatever result shows you below, neither it is called blog or website. To start blogging, you have to first take a domain name and hosting , Domain Name means the name of your blog like the name of my blog lyricshindi.live  , just like that you have to choose the name of your blog. Hosting Understand that There is such an organization that allows you to put posts, web pages on the internet.

You have two platforms to start blogging, both WordPress and Blogger are different platforms. If you want to blog for free then you have to choose Blogger platform which is 100% free, and yes one more thing Blogger is Google’s product.

Then comes the second platform which is called WordPress, WordPress is not free, for blogging on it you will have to invest 3000 to 5000 rupees. You get complete customization options, meaning that you can customize your site as you want, the same customization options are not available in Blogger. I am not saying that you should not use Blogger, if you do not have that much money then you can go to Blogger.

You can open a blog on any topic such as :-

  1. Food Blogs
  2. Travel Blogs
  3. Technology Blogs
  4. Fashion Blogs
  5. Heaths Blogs .
  6. etc (and many more)

How to earn money online from logging ?

  • After starting the blog, you start writing posts on your selected Niche Topics.
  • Write a post continuously for a few days, work from work to 15 to 20 posts.
  • Then by doing SEO well , rank the posts and increase traffic.
  • When the traffic starts getting good, then you send your site or blog for Google Adsense approval.
  • After getting approval, you put adds on your sites and earn money. Whenever a user clicks on the adds you put, then you will start getting money according to his CPC.

2.) Affiliate Marketing.

How to earn money online

Affiliate Marketing Understand that one of the best way is to earn online. It means that by promoting the products of other people or any other company, selling it and wishing commissions on that product is called Affiliate Marketing.

Let us understand in a little easy language, suppose there is a company, now there is a company, then there will be many products too, so now your work starts from here, you have selected any product from it and now we will do online promotion of that product, Now there are many ways to do online promotion, the best of all those methods is to promote by creating a blog, to promote by creating a blog, it means to create a blog and write about that product on your blog and put a photo of it and Put the link of that company below, and when people click on that link and buy that product, you will get commission, each product has a different commission percentage.

Let us now understand with the help of picture.

So this is how Affiliate Marketing works, by now you must have understood it today.

3.) Youtube.

Online Paise Kaise Kamaye

You must know about Youtube that people are earning in millions every month from this. Wishing money from Youtube is not easy, none of it is easy, but if you have hard work and patience then you can also earn millions. In Youtube, you can upload anything by making a video on the catagoria as related to entertainment . , Related to Studies , Related to Fashion , Related to Fooding and many more. You can make a video in whatever you are interested in.

How to earn money online From Youtube?

  • First of all you create your account on Youtube Channel.
  • After that, whichever category you have chosen, upload a video on that leg every 3 days.
  • Remember the video should be such that people get the right knowledge and get the information because the more you provide value, the more people will follow you and subscribe.
  • When you have a good subscriber on your channel, then you can beg your channel for Google Monetization .
  • Monetization will happen that every video foot of your channel will start showing people, just now more people will see your video, you will start getting money accordingly.

4.) Freelancer.

How to earn money online

If you want to do a job sitting at home and earn a lot of money, then freelancing is also a very good option for you. Understand that freelancing means that you are working for a company in online mode, you just need to have skills to do this, it is very important to have any skills in freelancing. Such as Top Freelancing skills which are in high demand right now. (i) Content Writing (ii) web development (iii) Data entry (iv) Web designing  (v) Graphics designing  (vi) Consultancy  (vii) social media management

Top Freelancing Websites are You can start by creating an account on any one of these.

  1. PeoplePerHour
  2. Freelancer
  3. Upwork
  4. Guru
  5. Feverr

How to earn money online from freelancing?

  • You do not have much to do, I have given the list of top Freelancing Websites of India above, you should visit it and create an account.
  • After creating an account, you have to select skills.
  • Above I have written some top high demands skills , if you select from all of them then you can get more work, if you do not have any of these skills then you first research on any of these skills Do it and learn well, then you work on it, then it will be more beneficial.
  • To work on this, you must have a bank account because the money for working will come directly to your bank account.


I hope you have understood this post “ online paise kaise kamaye ” well. .

If you find this post even a little beneficial, then do not forget to comment and share it with your friends, it will be of two benefits, by commenting, I will know whether my hard work has paid off and the knowledge of your friends will also increase by sharing.

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