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When this juggernaut stepping at you no use in running
I smell your fear and hear the pace that your blood is pumping
Its time to feast on mc’s this beast’s tummy is rumbling
I’m gonna scour the globe, devour your hours crumbling
I’m N3 a trifecta of mc’s with dialect that’ll dissect ya
Like these hannibal lecter recipes
Your false idols bling so bright that i’m blinded by rage
I’ll make them truly shine when i ignite’em on stage
I’ll grab hold of this industry f*ck its epitome bust through his brain
Can’t take there fake asses making the masses retarded and f*cking insane
Unfolding my killing spree, cleansing my spirit in their blood it will rain
So lift up glasses we toasting their asses and feasting on all their remains
A sacrifice to the gods of hip hop
This night when it strikes at mid clock
When light of the moon shines red chop
Lets slice with these sharp tongues heads drop
This beast rises from under the ground, when the blood hits the sand and earth quakes
Then ill grab hold of the sun in my hand and make your whole system shake
Now i’m fusing my soul with its essence and ancient scroll’s luminescence
This battle foretold that your end is at hand so come n get tested
Many of those i’ve rested in pieces are now digested
Every scar that i own my lessons and every teacher they ashes
Look in deep into my sight’s desire force of my plexus breaths solar fire
You time sitting on the thrones expired the iron’s stench of your rotting inspires
We murdering and counting bodies drowning motherf*ckers in the river of this immortal medieval flow
I’m coming like a titan, making ‘namis like poseidon ‘n ya feeling the wrath of this beastly mode!

Now let’s roll
In beast mode
Come on you crazy motherf*ckers
Now let’s roll
In beast mode
Now on you crazy motherf*ckers

[Empress MC]
It’s that mad rhymer with the vagina
You best know my name ay must i remind ya
E M P R E crocked letter crocked letter MC
Shit, Empress my name B
Shalom, what’s going on
Nice to meeting ya honey
Mazel Tov break some motherf*cking glass for me

Cause I’m married to the mic like Lisa Marie
Presley walls
I make men pause with the metaphor’s
This bitch crazy no menopause
Straight bars bitch, so hard to shallow so I’m breaking jaws
I’ve said it before and I say it again
Call me Bin Laden
I mean I’ve dropping bomb since Bin Laden been a miner
How you figure?
How you trying to beat the bomb out this terrorist killer
Didn’t you know you get dropped quicker then dumbbells with butter fingers
Dumb girls, silly bitches try f*cking with us


[Chico Cas]
Hold up wait, now let me spit it, with this speed, I’m undefeated
When I step on the mic, I just spit what I like, don’t care if you don’t feel it
I know that I drill it, I know that I kill it, everytime I step on to it
So better beware of my spitting , coz like Reptile I’m spitting acid fluids
Coz I’m a beast, I’m a beast, I’m beast, I’m the…
Chico Cas, don’t try diss, or I’ll feast on ya…
Coz I’m a vet up in this, that just got better with years
And now when I step in the booth its the truth, I just turn into a beast
Coz I’m a murder murder, yes I’m ready to kill kill
We tougher then a girder, and you know we will will
Take it to another level, that you never seen before motherf*cker
Believe me you better be careful, or you end up being gone motherf*cker
And there ain’t nothing you can do, coz I’m a beast to the bone
If I’m standing in-front of the mic, best believe that its on
Get in the zone, then watch me break everything around me maine
Nothing again will be left the same, f*cking everybody from your bullshit gang
Straight up we beast mode, yeah homie we going loco
Crazy motherf*ckers from the SYD representing MC’s from our local
Battleground we represent the underground bitch
Don’t f*ck around or be left under the ground bitch
So placa placa, don’t try diss us motherf*cker
We the caca, till we tucker, you a sucker, learn to duck’a
That you bitch? Watch me go f*ck her
Feed her the dick, ,make sure she pucker
Eat it up like it’s her tucker, then I bust on all her shakras



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