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[Intro, four unknown vocalists]
Either, or
Black, white
I and you, we and you
We get into a loop

Either, or—It’s really hard to make decisions about everything
Black, white—so I want to take those things that I do every single day
I and you—and I want to put them in a part of my brain that doesn’t work as hard
This is the correct way (To be fooled)

We and you—We essentially store patterns
We, the crowd—we tend to believe almost all patterns we encounter, even the false ones

Good and bad—You brain actually stops working so hard when you’re in the middle of a habit
And we’re not very good at discriminating between true and false patterns

And already you are separated into two camps. And you are on the point of fighting over absolutely non-existent differences

And then I tried to figure out what the reward was. And I thought it was the cookie…

It doesn’t feel like we’re thinking

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these lyrics are submitted by gsba3
Songwriter(s): Negativland


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