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[Busta Rhymes]
Let’s get it going
Yeah… yeah
I’m about to Picasso a new picture for you motherf*ckers
I’m back… yeah
I just want every one of you motherf*ckers in here to do one thing with me

Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody rise
C’mon, New York, Jersey, Philly, B’more, D.C., Virginia, come on!
Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody rise
N.C., ATL, Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, LA, Houston

[Verse 1]
We bite the nigga straight outta jail, give me the money nigga
I’ll smack you stupid, ain’t nuttin funny nigga
I’ll lay a nigga out and use they ass to shoot like a marble black floor
Bloody something like a hacksaw
And then we stash a couple gats in the bag because we at war
Pistol whip some of these niggas, leaving em wit cracked jaws
Battling like we in costalon, niggas see you supposed to know
We extremely serious niggas
You see it’s so marvelous how we just strap more, pack more
No chichi niggas allowed, just throw em out the back door
This lone menace got it wicked for the protenants
You niggas soft like limp dick and lead progenes
Blessing the younger thug wit shit to look forward to
The god is back, so niggas is quick and to fast forward you
Yo, this shit be straight energy
You’ve been f*cking wit Flip Mode, nigga, while I’m refreshing your memory

Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody rise
N.O., Seattle, Detroit, St Louis, Dallas, South Carolina, niggas c’mon!
Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody rise
Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Boston, Buffalo, Delaware, Oakland, Little Rock, c’mon!

[Verse 2]
You see it’s hectic, respect it
Blow up your deck until my cassette is ejected

How I will beat you just like your father, don’t even bother
However nigga, whatever nigga, who wanna follow?
It gets coarse like the calice of a struggling black foot under privilege
I’m quick to stick you for your whole bank book
Bitches follow my bounce and follow my flow
Follow me now, follow me later, follow my glow
Ayyo, follow instructions and follow the pro
And to follow my magic, bitches wanna follow my doe
Keeping ya bouncing, got all my people singin the hook
Got bitches buggin like how niggas be wild in the brook
Look, we street niggas, while you live by the book
Funny nigga, ain’t no need to shoot yourself in the foot
f*ck wit bitches that’s gettin doe and they know how to cook
In every struggle, I always did whatever it took!
So all my niggas

Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody rise
Maryland, Michigan, Kansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Indiana, Utah, c’mon!
Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody rise
Phoenix, Memphis, Nashville, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Colorado, Wyoming, f*ck it
Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody rise
Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, come on!
Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody rise
All my five boroughs, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island niggas, come on!

Ha, yeah, everybody rise, come on
Everybody rise again, rise wit me motherf*ckers
As I welcome you all to the genesis
A whole new foundation, A whole new idea
A whole new experience
A whole… entire… new… movement
Busta Rhymes, Flip Mode Squad, I salute y’all
Yeah, yeah, come on, everybody rise
Yeah, yeah, enough of the intro shit, let’s get straight to it

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Songwriter(s): Just Blaze, Busta Rhymes


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