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[Verse 1]
I should’ve told you
I was to blame
I was the reason for all of the pain
Still you could’ve seen that
Still you shoulda’ known
That the quaint and the quiet ones are always the worst

And I
And I
Won’t forget that

[Verse 2]
And you liked to sing her sweet
And sip on the rose
While I unlock my broken chest just to see
How it’ll go
Now I’m slowly shakin’ while my mind is overtaken

And you, you don’t care
But I still want you to be…

And I
And I
Won’t forget you
Sometimes I think that I see you standing there
Without a thought or fraction of a care
I’d like to think I was made for someone true
But God only knows how I’d fall straight into you

And you
And you
And you
And you
Can forget me now



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