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[Intro: Jxsh]
I’ll be there when you need me that’s…
Just call my…

[Verse: Foreign Forest]
Hey October, I can feel your leafs
Always hate when you have to leave
I was just in the back of my car
Smoking cigarettes, give a f*ck about the tar
Playing guitar while I stare at your face
I remember you were my everything
My only safe place

[Chorus: Foreign Forest]
Hey October, I’m glad to see you now
It’s always a blur until you come around

Hey October, I love your amber glow
It’s the greatest feeling I’ve ever known

[Outro: Jxsh]
Never leave your side
(I will never leave your side)
I know you’re down to ride
(I know you’re down to ride)
I be there when you open your window, window
Won’t you see me when your eyelids close? (lids close)
I never wanna be with no one except you
I hope that you feel the same way I do

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Songwriter(s): Foreign Forest, Josh Maison
Record Label(s): 2019 Foreign Forest
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