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How to become a Basic Education Officer (BSA) – Know eligibility, salary and selection process

Basic Education Officer (BSA)
Basic Education Officer (BSA)

How to become a Basic Education Officer (BSA) – Know eligibility, salary and selection process. Basic Education Adhikari | How to become a Basic Education Officer (BSA)? BSA Qualification Salary and Selection Process | Eligibility to become a Basic Education Officer.

Friends, today’s topic is about Basic Education Officer , who are Basic Shiksha Adhikari? What is their job? What is their selection process? Or much more, even in today’s era, there is no shortage of people doing government jobs. Everyone wants that they should do a government job, some people’s father and grandfather also do government jobs, so it is very easy for them. Because their grandfather and father already go on preparing them for this. Whether the job is small or big government job has become everyone’s desire. Today we will tell you about the job of Basic Education Officer, what you have to do to become a Basic Shiksha Adhikari or what education is needed to do that or what is the selection process to get into it.

Basic Education Officer (BSA)

 Basic Education Officers are the chief officers of the functions of an education. The Education Officer helps develop, formulate and supervise local spokespersons and national plans for education. In this way, they contribute to the successful operation of the education service provided by the children’s service authorities. Basic Shiksha Adhikari is the one who examines the teachers and principals of all the schools and colleges, they are the officers of the investigation of all. Whether it is primary class or junior class and whatever the deficiency is found by its investigation. He gives orders to improve it and gives pain, BC also looks after the education system of our district. Its importance is very much in the education department.

How to become a Basic Education Officer (BSA)

 Let us know in which areas Basic Shiksha Adhikari works? Place of work of Education Officer.

  •  School Support Service:   Involved by the education officer responsible for monitoring progress in improving standards, implementing education development plans and developing curriculum policy.
  •  Service to clients:  Responsible for developing policies of accessibility and potential, implementing behavior and attendance-run policies, and overseeing special needs teachers.
  •  Planning and Resources:  which includes responsibility for maintaining and improving the Suga campus, from developing an admissions policy and approving student awards and grants.

Functions of Basic Education Officer

  • It is the task of the Basic Education Officer to consider and provide leave to all the employees subordinate to him.
  • All primary and junior high schools exercise administrative control over the schools.
  • To maintain account of Basic Education Fund
  • To investigate the differences and disputes between non-gazetted officers and take appropriate action on them.
  • To inspect the school and take appropriate action in case of negligence.
  • The work of allowing distribution of salaries of all the employees subordinate to them is also under them.

 Eligibility to become a Basic Shiksha Adhikari

  • To become a Basic Education Officer, it is mandatory to have any graduation.
  • To get into BSM one should have TET pass certificate and B.el.ed & D.L.Ed degree.

 age limit to become basic education officer

  • To become a Basic Shiksha Adhikari , your age should start at least 21 years and should be up to 40 years.
  • OBC and sc-st people get relaxation in age limit.

 Basic Shiksha Adhikari वेतन वेतन

  • The salary of Basic Education Officer is as follows.
  • ₹ 9300-34800 more
  • ₹15600-39100 grade pay  ₹5400

 basic education officer exam

  • Post Selection of Basic Shiksha Adhikari , Usually Record. Preliminary record is above the written test.
  • Initial Record (Objective Type & Multiple Choice)
  • Written Test- Main Convectional Type
  • The interview is done on the basis of personality type.
  • The compulsory subjects of the written test are Hindi knowledge and English.
  • Questions come from hypothetical subjects like Agriculture Chemistry Engineering Horticulture Physics Veterinary Science Botany Computer Applications and Warm and Geology Mathematics Statics Zoology etc.


 I hope that on the basis of this article, you must have come to know that what happens like this? What is his selection process or what is his salary? In the same way, I will continue to explain everything to you through my article.

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