How to create Facebook account? How to create FB ID
How to create Facebook account? How to create FB ID

How to create Facebook account? How to create FB ID?

What is Facebook ? How to create Facebook account ID? How to make Facebook Account?How To Delete Facebook Account?

Friends, today we will give you complete information about Facebook, how Facebook account is created and what work can we do on Facebook. So we will tell you how FB ID is created. Facebook is the best platform for such information that everyone wants to share and the most popular in social media is Facebook. On this, you can share your videos, photos and information news with your friends, if your account is not on Facebook, then today we are giving you complete information about how to create an account on Facebook.

What is Facebook?

First let us tell you that it started in the year 2004. It is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, who is an American citizen. Facebook is a social networking website that is most used in social media. When Facebook was started, its name was The Facebook, its head office is in California, America. Through Facebook, you can do the work of interacting with the people you know in your personal family and social life and share your photos, videos and your thoughts. And if you want to share any YouTube video on Facebook, then you can easily do that too, so we are telling you this. That’s how to create a Facebook account .

How to create Facebook account? How to create FB ID

How to create facebook account

To create an account on Facebook, you can open Google Play Store in your Android phone and search for it by typing Facebook in the search bar, you can download it from there or you can also download it by visiting its website You can also download this app on Android iOS and Windows.

  • When you have downloaded the Facebook app, you have to open it.
  • After opening, you will have the option of Create New Facebook Account, click on it.
  • After clicking on it, the next option will appear on your screen, on which you have to click.
  • After clicking on it, you will get the option to fill the name, first write first name middle name of last name.
  • After that select the date of birth and gender.
  • Then click on Next.
  • After that enter your registered mobile number and email id.
  • After some time an OTP will come on your mobile number, by which you can verify your account.
  • After this you will have to create your password, make the password in such a way that no one can hack your password, the password should be strong.
  • After entering the password, click on Next.
  • After clicking on entering the password, you will have to click on the signup option in front of you.

So after doing all this process, your Facebook account is ready, now you can use it and put a photo on your profile and invite your friends and relatives to your friend list.

Benefits of using facebook

  • On Facebook, you can share any of your information which is beneficial for people, such as the information you have about corona virus itself and share and you can also comment on others’ posts You can also create your own Facebook page on Facebook.
  • Which can also be useful for promoting your business. The option to create a Facebook page is available in Facebook’s features.
  • With this, you can promote your business a lot and you can also put information about your product, which can increase its sales and you will get more profit. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of Facebook.

Creat New Facebook Account In Mobile Phone

  • First of all you have to open on your phone . After that you have to click on the create account button.
  • Here you have to enter your First Name and Surname and click on Next option.
  • Now enter your birthday date and then click on Next .
  • Now you have to enter your mobile number and if you want to enter email address instead of mobile number, then click on sign up with email address under Next button . And enter the Gmail address and click on the Next button .
  • When you enter mobile number and email id, remember one thing, a password (OTP) comes on it, only after entering your facebook account is created. So enter your own mobile number and email id.
  • When you do next by entering one of the mobile number and email id, then choose your gender that asks you.
  • Now enter the new password of your facebook account and click on sign up .
  • Your Facebook account is ready as soon as you click on Sign Up. Just now a password comes on your mobile number or email id given to it, enter it and your facebook account has been created.

How to create facebook account in computer

  • First of all you have  to open in computer and fill all your details here. After this you have to click on the option of Sign up .
New Facebook Account
  • You will get an OTP on the contact number or email you have used to create Facebook Id, which you have to enter in the column and click on continue , after which your Facebook account will be confirmed.
  • Here you can add some of your friends if you want, otherwise you just have to click on the option of next , and your facebook id is ready.

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