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How to download WhatsApp in Laptop – Complete information


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Friends, as you know, nowadays most people run WhatsApp through their smartphone, but we will tell you how to run and download WhatsApp in laptop or computer, we will give you complete information about it. After reading this complete information, you will also find it very easy to run WhatsApp by working on a laptop. You can run WhatsApp in laptop by scanning your barcode from WhatsApp of your mobile. Many people also search on the Internet how to run WhatsApp in laptop. It will tell you how to run WhatsApp in the same laptop which you run through your SIM number in your mobile, it is very easy and the same method is going to tell

Ways to run WhatsApp in Laptop

There are many ways to run WhatsApp in laptop or computer, some of which we are telling you, it is very easy and you can do it yourself, we are explaining it to you in very easy and simple language.

How to download WhatsApp in Laptop
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5With the help of QR code

With the help of QR code also we can run WhatsApp on our mobile on our laptop. By scanning the QR code, we can also run WhatsApp by connecting our mobile to the laptop and all the features will be useful for this, for this some steps have to be followed which we are telling you below that WhatsApp in Laptop made from mobile number How will you drive

  • For this, you have to first open the WhatsApp in your mobile, when we open WhatsApp, we see three dots on the top right side, click on it.
  • After clicking on the three dots, you will have the option of WhatsApp Web, click on it.
  • After this, the QR code scanner will open in your mobile’s WhatsApp.
  • With the help of which we have to scan the QR code in the computer.
  • After scanning the QR code, you can use WhatsApp by connecting the mobile’s WhatsApp to the laptop.

4With the help of BlueStacks App

You can also run WhatsApp on your laptop with the help of Bluestacks app. For this, first you have to download the Bluestacks app on your laptop.

Apart from this, the WhatsApp we have in our mobile phone can run it in the laptop like Instagram mx player Facebook Twitter etc. Here we are telling you how to run WhatsApp in laptop from Bluestacks app, to do this we have to follow the following steps. 

  • For this, first you have to download Bluestacks software on your laptop or computer.
  • After this, after turning on the mobile WhatsApp in the computer, as you run it in the mobile. It can run on laptop like this.
  • Bluestack app is a software for laptop, all the software or apps we run in mobile, with the help of this we can run all these apps in computer and laptop.
  • After that open your laptop by downloading bluestacks

There is also a third way for this, if you do not want to do it with the help of QR code and blue stakes, then you can do it in the way written below.

3can download whatsapp in laptop

  • For this, first you have to go to the official website of WhatsApp.
  • The official website is http://web.whatsapp.com/ you have to click on it.
  • After this the check homepage will appear on your screen.
  • After this, the option of New Create Account will appear in front of you. Click on it.
  • After that the option to fill the mobile number will come in which you have to fill your registered mobile number.
  • After this an OTP will come on your mobile phone, verify the account by filling the OTP.
  • After this you have to fill your name, gender, date of birth and email id.
  • After completing all this process, click on submit button.
  • In this way your WhatsApp account will be created and you can use it.

2how to run whatsapp through application in laptop

If WhatsApp application is available in your laptop then you can easily run WhatsApp in laptop except mobile. Read and follow the steps given below carefully to run WhatsApp through application in laptop:-

  • First of all you have to open WhatsApp on your mobile.
  • After opening WhatsApp, you have to click on the option of 3 dots.
  • After clicking, some options will open in front of you.
  • From these options, you have to select the option of Whatsapp Web.
  • After selecting the camera will open in your mobile.
  • Now you have to open WhatsApp in your laptop.
  • After opening WhatsApp, you will see the QR Code.
  • Now you have to scan that QR code with your mobile camera.
  • If your QR code is correct then your WhatsApp will open on the laptop immediately.
  • This is how you can run whatsapp through laptop.

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