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How to Format Computer – Easy way to format computer and laptop

How to Format Computer - Easy way to format computer and laptop
How to Format Computer - Easy way to format computer and laptop

How to Format Computer – Easy way to format computer and laptop

What is Computer Format? How to Format Computer and Laptop | What is the easiest way to format a computer? How To Format A Computer PDF

Friends, today’s topic is. How to do Computer Format When we download something in the computer, we do not know whether it is right for our computer or not and if we download it, then our computer becomes slow. Everything works stuck stuck, our work is done in 5 minutes, it takes a lot of time to do it, there are no symptoms, it is not necessary to have a virus in the computer, the virus comes only by downloading, sometimes the virus belongs to someone else. Comes from computer to our computer through pen drive or CD.

what is computer format

When you put someone else’s pen drive in your computer. Or after putting your pen drive in his computer and put it in his own computer, then the virus comes and to get rid of it we have to format the computer, do you know? How is a computer formatted? If not, then through this article we explain how computer format is done and what is necessary to format it?How to Format Computer

How to Format Computer - Easy way to format computer and laptop

 What do we need to bring to format a computer?

 To format the computer, it is necessary that we do not have all the following things.

  •  There should be complete window setup.How to Format Computer
  •  Must have CD and Window DVD player.
  •  Bootable pen drive with windows in case you do not have windows CD.
  •  And when you format, your computer and laptop are on power charge. Because less than 70% of the battery does not format the computer.

  How To Format Computer Without Windows CD ?

 If you are thinking of installing your windows and dismantling your computer and thinking of making a new hard drive. Formatting is a good idea. You can also do computer drive without system drive and you cannot format computer while running, so you have to vote computer first.

 How to format from non system drive?

 Follow the steps given below to format by non system type.

Login to the computer with your administration account.

Click on Start and type “diskmgmt.msc” in the search box and click on Enter.

Right click on the drive you want to format and click on format

After being prompted, click on Yes.

Type volume panel it will just be a display name so you can type anything.

Click on Perform a quick format box, then the format does not destroy your data, it just frees up some space.

Double click on OK The format will be done in a few minutes. If your drive is large, it may take a few hours.

 How to format from system drive?

 Follow the steps given below to format the computer with the system price.

  • Start Control Panel and click on System and Maintenance.
  • Click on backup and restore.
  • Creator System Disk Repair. Click on that which is given on the left.
  • Insert the CD and DVD into the drive and click on Create Disc.
  • Click Close and OK.
  • Reboot your computer and press f10 and f12 means any key. Select the CD and DVD drive as your boot device and press Enter to open the boot menu.
  • Take any medications when the disc prompts.
  • Click on the Next button, after a few minutes, the System Recovery Options dialog box will appear.
  • Click on the radio button That why you will fix the computer problem Select the operating device to repair.
  • Select Window Installation and click Next.
  • Click on Command Prompt and type command like Volume C Press Enter Note the volume level which comes by writing volume in drive.
  • “format c:/fs. NTFS” command and click on Enter.
  • Type the same volume level and click Enter.
  • Type Y and enter when prompted. This may take at least 1 hour or more.
  • Type new volume and click Enter.
  • Remove the system repair disc and shutdown the computer.


 I hope you have understood how the computer is formatted? Stay tuned in the same way you will get to know about more things.

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