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How to play pubg || new pubg game 2021.

How to play pubg
How to play pubg

How to play pubg || game pc Or mobile.– PubgFull information in English. | (742MB) | – lyricshindi.live

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Name : How to play pubg

Year : 2018

Language : English.

How to play pubg in Hindi language?

Gameplay seekhane ke liye mera YouTube chainal { pubg short bullet } ko subscribe kere.

How to play pubg in English language?

Gameplay seekhane ke liye mera YouTube chainal { pubg short bullet } ko subscribe kere.

How to play pubg in Hindi language?

What is Pubg game| how to play pubg game How to play pubg in mobile and computer. how to download pubg game online How do I download PUBG from Google Play.

Will tell you the way In today’s era, how to play pubg has become the most played game, which you can play very easily in your mobile and laptop or computer, you know that it is an online game that you cannot play without the help of internet. Internet is necessary for this and you cannot play it offline, playing PUBG has its own fun, which children, adults, play with all the hobbies.

What is pubg game?

This is an online game that is very much liked, it has become a game in which all the game records have been broken. So far more than 11 crore people have downloaded this game. If you also want to download pubg game then your laptop should have 4 to 5 GB free space in mobile when this game works in all ways. It is a shooting game in which sniper, rifle, assault rifle, DMR and machine gun are used. It can also be played in a group, only 4 people can come in the group, not more than that. It is great fun to play this game.

How to play pubg

How to Install PUBG Game Mobile or PC?

If you want to play pubg game, then it has to be downloaded and installed on your computer, the installation process is as follows.

  • For this you have to download Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator on your computer.
  • After downloading you have to click on the pubg icon.
  • After clicking on the install button, then the emulator will start installing in your computer.
  • When it is installed, you have to click on the start button and when you click on the start button a file will start downloading which will be of 1.3 GB.
  • After some time the file will be downloaded and the game is setup on your computer.
  • After this click on the start button and pubg will start running in your computer.

For this, you must have Windows 10 in the computer, CPU, dual-core processor, memory, at least 3GB RAM and storage should be free up to 1GB.

How to play pubg

Weapons and Equipment of PUBG Game

We are telling you what weapons and equipment are used in this game, it is very important for you to know that how you play this game through these weapons.

AWM Magnum Sniper Rifle

This is a great sniper rifle that can take down your enemy in a single headshot. It can even break a level 3 helmet. This rifle you find in the supply box requires an 8xscop.

Kar98k &  M24 Sniper Rifle

Kar 98 and M24 Sniper is the best sniper after AWM sniper, which kills your enemy very easily, for this you have to kill two head shots and three body shots, the bullet used in this is 7.62.

AKM Assault Rifle

This is the best rifle to shoot from a distance which should have 6x scope. This rifle does not work so well if you have to shoot up close.

M416 Assault Rifle

The bullet of this rifle is 5.56, if it has a scope and AR sensor then it works very well.

About pubg
About pubg

How to play pubg Game On Mobile And Computer

If you want to play pubg game on computer then you have to read the following steps carefully.

  • When you start the game, you don’t have any weapons. You are empty handed and you are landed on an island with the help of an airplane, for which you use a parachute, here you have to face 100 enemies and if you want to win, then kill all the enemies in the end. Will have to avoid The one who is left in the end is called the winner.
  • There are many houses on the island, from which you have to collect everything you need, if you kill your enemy, then you can take all his stuff, here you see a green signal.
  • When you land on Eye Land, the circle is the largest which you can see by clicking on the right side of the map, after that this circle keeps getting smaller in a while, you have to stay alive in this circle itself.
  • To play this game, this game can be played with 2 people alone and also with four people.
  • As the circle gets smaller, it becomes more fun to play this game.

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