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I know that I seem fine on the outside
But the smile is too wide for it to not be mine
But it’s been placed there strategically by a demon at my doorstep

I want them to hear me but I need them to approach I
Can’t do this on my own
Please read the words that I wrote
I’m trying my best to keep on grinning and keep on fighting
I feel like I can’t win
And I should stop the lighting

Quiet place
Is the only location where I feel whole but
What’s a quiet place to you
And they won’t stop screaming for more
I said I miss you so
You said leave me alone
I must replay thеse games when you say that I havе

Alone on an empty satellite
A one way ticket to far beyond the empty solar signs
But I was misconstrued
And then galactically denied

My heart was the meat
And that girl was the cleaver
I mean what’s the point in living the dream
If it was brought on by a fever?
Everyone around me kept saying I should leave her
But what’s the point in listening
When I was convinced I need her?
A moon rise crashing over viscous frothing waves

This idea of what I want
And a destiny that I’ve made
Finally looking forwards I put my car into drive
Fullfilling myself again of all the things I’ve been deprived
So I walk down this winding crazy path
To the place where I talked to all of them last
You know the people in my head of dreams
I’m so f*cked up in the head it seems
Or is it all just a grand shakespearian tradgedy
A construed version of my own reality
You know I have it so good and it should be okay
But I’m faced with these same bad thoughts every single damn day
My grades are slipping down an icy river bank
My health is tipping over an empty acid tank
Why can’t it just be good for me?
A second meal of joy to feed

I just want to stay alated on the top of a mountain
And not be in this rut
Accompanied only by myself
And my so called f*cking talent

I know that I seem fine
The smile is too wild
Just push me to the side
And I’ll try my best to shrug it off
And keep on being kind

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