[Verse 1]
I pitch my falls to where my mind is running to
I take it my words are getting lost rolling over my tongue
There’s something living on the bottom
Barely breathing through the mud
It must be a nightcrawler curling from the sun

[Verse 2]
A lovely little walk along the water’s edge
Past the pinnacle to the mouth
Where all of the ghosts live in the slipstream
They’re swimming for their health

It all takes me back to when I was in a moment of love
Thirteen miles outside Athenry
On the way to my brother’s house

[Verse 3]
The solar eclipse is traveling to the coast of Oregon
The shadows will race over the valleys
They’ll be tumbling out of the ruts
And whatever’s breathing on the bottom
Bubbling through the crud
Might be eased by a dampness
When the moon covers us

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Record Label(s): 2019 Western Vinyl


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