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United we stand, divided we’re all (HEY HEY)
Too proud to see that this land we call free is not free
There are laws to control us…
Our rights, designed cut-to-fit
A system breeding apathy for profit
Profiting our trust

As we follow the sheppard to the slaughter
They rape us of our rights
They take, they fake, prefabricate
A false hope to cope while they devastate
Then they tell us our safety, justifies their iron fist
They speak with good intentions, but it is all just politics
Contradictions and lies, pulling wool over our eyes
Money, power, profit, hidden well with great disguise
They mislead us and deceive us, because they don’t want us to know

For the people, by the people, I don’t think so (2x)

Corn bread on apathy
By Uncle Sams Johnny Appleseed
The media and popular demand
United we’re all divided we stand in line
As they profit (HEY HEY)
Make no mistake
They’ll go as far as it takes to conquer then cover their ass
Ignorance and the key to knowledge
The two greatest allies that money can buy
When you’ve got tax dollars to back it


Oh say, say you can see
Your inalienable rights don抰 exist
It抯 just a nice catch phrase to satisfy and give substance
While they, try to justify their iron fist
Let抯 take it back?


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Record Label(s): 2006 A F Records
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