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When the sun is up
When the days are bright
When we sleep beneath
The traffic lights

When my eyes they turn
From green to red
Is it of your concern
What is in my head

There’s cemeteries
There’s public life
There’s governments
Suggesting lies

I wish i was
Made of porcelain
That’s what you said
With a stupid grin

And if i hold my hands
Upon my knees
And if we had a chance
To move our feet

Can you find the right words
To fill the gap
Can you make that happen
Do you understand
Here i am with my objective decisions
Here i am producing hollow bones
Here i am in my cozy perfect prison
Here i am drinking fair-trade orange juice

You should go prepare yourself a proper meal
You should go and think of good fortune
You should go and come up with a better deal
You should go and sign a resolution

You should go and find out how to fix yourself
You should go and live with the pollution
You should go no matter what the forecast said
You should go and be part of the solution

But since we forgot our enemies
And since we changed our batteries
And since we have talked it all through
And since we believe in the same news

But since they repeat themselves obviously
And since we agree not to disagree
And since this is all just made up
And since we adopted the anonymous part



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