Caroline laughs and it’s raining all day
and she loves to be one of the girls
she lives in the place in the side of our lives
where nothing is ever put straight
she turns herself round and she smiles and she says
“this is it, that’s the end of the joke.”
and loses herself in her dreaming and sleep and her lovers walk through in their coats
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pretty in pink
isn’t she
pretty in pink
isn’t she

all of her loves all talk of the notes
and the flowers that they never sent
and wasn’t she easy?
and isn’t she pretty in pink?
the one to insist he was first in the line is the last to remember her name
he’s walking around in this dress she once wore
she is gone but the joke’s the same

pretty in pink
isn’t she
pretty in pink
isn’t she

Caroline talks to you softly sometimes

she says “I love you,” and “too much.”
she doesn’t have anything you want to steal well
nothing you can touch
she waves
she buttons your shirt
the traffic is waiting outside
she hands you this coat
she gives you her clothes
these cars collide

pretty in pink
isn’t she
pretty in pink
isn’t she

Caroline’s on the table screaming
confidence is in the sea
all her favorite rags are worn and other kinds of uniform
they kid you you’re really free
you know what you want to be
chasing individuality
until tomorrow
and everything you are
you see
in pure shining buttons
pushing endless gear
the tie breaks broken
the doorbell sings its chimes it plays
anything goes
bells toll in rhymes

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Songwriter(s): Ashton John Geza, Butler Richard Lofthouse
Record Label(s): 2002 Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd
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