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[Verse 1]
Proceed with caution
You kiss too nicely
Proceed with caution
You might entice me

Travel at your own risk
Danger zone!
For love is fatal
And the heart you lose
May be your own

[Verse 2]
So proceed with caution
I can’t say, ‘no sir’
Proceed with caution
I want you closer

Closer than the lovers
In books that I read
Proceed with caution
But lover please proceed

[Verse 3]
We’ve been traveling too fast
The danger warnings just flew past

Your kiss brings me excitement
Like I’ve never known
Is it smart or is my heart
Just accident prone?
I’m only learning
The road to romance, has no returning
Every time you touch me sirens start
And if you stop I’ll call a cop
And swear you’re breaking my heart

[Verse 4]
So proceed with caution
Why keep your distance?
Your lips are so close
I’ve no resistance

If love is made in heaven
Pour on this feed
Proceed with caution
But lover, please proceed

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Songwriter(s): Wilson Stone


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