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P’s & Q’s Lyrics

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On my Ps and Qs
I be steppin’ in Jimmy Choo
Know she just want the loot
You ain’t gettin’ nothing, you just get the boot
I just want her mind
I’ma f*ck then kick her out
You just runnin’ your mouth
You ain’t ’bout what you say you ’bout

[Verse 1]
I got two bad twins in my DM tryna f*ck on me right now
I got two of my niggas on the block all day tryna trap until the sun come down
Still be comfortable ’round killers even when all of the guns are out

If a nigga play with Jack, I bet they show up at your mama house
If a nigga play with Jack, I bet they show up where your mama stay
Steppin’ in designer shoes, my killers livin’ luxury
Most these rap niggas be gay, I hope that they don’t talk to me
Be all on the opp dick but lowkey tryna f*ck with me
Nah, you can’t f*ck with me
Fire, keep it tucked with me
She lied, she say she love the Z
Didn’t get mad, gave her my dick to eat
If she get mad, still better not use teeth
I’m going…

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Songwriter(s): Jackboy

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