Do you wanna see any more TV
Would you rather be helping Mom and me?

Puttin’ up the groceries now
We just got back from Foodtown
There are still three sacks in the Cadillac
Puttin’ up the groceries
(If you want dinner, you better give us a hand)

Eight brown bags in all
Stacked against the wall
Roast beef and Pine-Sol
Come and help us, y’all

Puttin’ up the groceries now

Just got back from Morristown
There is milk and bread and a lettuce head
Puttin’ up the groceries now

Careful with the eggs
Where’s the chicken legs?
Spot the dog will beg
When he sees the vegetables

Puttin’ up the groceries now
I’m about to starve and how
There is nothing left to put on the shelf
Cookin’ up the groceries now

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