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Raja Raja Chora Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Free Download Now

Raja Raja Chora Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Free Download Now
Raja Raja Chora Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Free Download Now

Raja Raja Chora Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Free Download Now (( HQ MP4, MOV, 4k, AVI, HD MKV ))File Size: 355MB,693MB, 989MB & 1.2GB one of the movie streaming.

Raja Raja Chora Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Free Download Now

Raja Raja Chora Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Free Download Now 2021 Indian Telugu-language crime comedy film written and directed by debutant Goli. Produced by Abhishek Agarwal Arts and People Media Factory, the film stars Sri Vishnu, Megha Akash, Sunaina and Ravi Babu. The film is released on 19 August 2021

Directed byHasith Goli
Written byHasith Goli
Produced byAbhishek Agarwal
TG Vishwa Prasad
StarringSree Vishnu
Megha Akash
Ravi Babu
CinematographyVeda Raman Sankaran
Edited byViplav Nyshadam
Music byVivek Sagar
Abhishek Agarwal Arts
People Media Factory
Release date19 August 2021
Box officeest. ₹7 crore

‘Raja Raja Chora’ has hit the theaters today. Let’s find out what works for the film and what doesn’t.
Shri Vishnu plays the role of a petty thief named Bhaskar who lies to his way in life. He leads a double life in which he cheats on his girlfriend Sanjana (Megha Akash) by saying that she is a software engineer. It gets tough for Vidya (Sunaina) when she comes on screen. Who is Vidya? Why is he cheating on Sanjana? What problems does Williams (Ravi Babu) face when he is chased by a tough cop? That’s the rest of the story.

Raja Raja Chora Story

The story of ‘Raja Raja Chora’ is set in a small world where a handful of characters who take up the dustbin in the story run into strange coincidences. As a result, their dirty secrets are revealed in hilarious ways. The scene where Bhaskar learns a shocking fact about his girlfriend is a hoot.
Includes a robbery scene with a spiritual discourse on the good night of Shiva Ratri. As the film progresses, it benefits everyone from the philosophy of paying off their karmic debt.claims to be a lucky charm and is a friend of the male protagonist who doesn’t mind being a participant in the crime. Megha plays Akash with her lover and dreams of having a house. The dream of owning a house is a motif that the film taps into to give a voice to the perspective of the middle class

Raja Raja Chor – An Honest End Review

Ninna e movie chudtam I am always about Telugu movies as most of the movies focus only on mindless comedies and over the top action/drama type stories.
While maintaining the naturalness and honesty and being able to entertain, we get to watch very few heart touching movies

One such film is Raja Raja Chora.

From the very beginning of the film, the director has been able to capture the attention of the audience and maintain the interest till the end. Fight Kosam Fight Pata Kosam Pata .. Everything had a meaning and connection with the story.
acting chala ba with some novice acting here and there but that’s ok.
Sri Vishnu and Tana play wife role Chala Baga . Also Ravi Babu.. Very nice asla.
Total Cinema is totally worth your time. Chala oka original and honest cinema chusa.
you will enjoy it too

The plot follows the protagonist, his family, and others who cross his path, who discover aspects of survival, crime, punishment, and redemption in the city. Raja Raja Chora received positive reviews from critics, who particularly praised the film’s screenplay, background score and the performances of the lead actors. The film was successful at the box office.

It is a film that saw an unprecedented marketing campaign post theatrical digital release, thanks to Sri Vishnu and director Goli participating in a promotional marathon.

Raja Raja Chora

Meanwhile, Sub Inspector William Reddy, who is Sanjana’s uncle, is under pressure to curb crime in his jurisdiction and stop under-reporting cases to get promotion. He has an affair with, wife of his close friend Madhav, and often visits Madhav’s house when Madhav is out for work. Meanwhile, Bhaskar is revealed to be married to Vidya, who is studying in a law school, and the couple has a son. Bhaskar and Vidya do not have a good relationship, and Bhaskar is still with her due to blackmail about filing a fraud case. Vidya often asks Bhaskar to give money for her studies. Eventually, Sanjana learns that Bhaskar is having a child and Bhaskar learns that Sanjana works not as a software employee, but as a sales girl. Bhaskar lies to him that he is a widower. Tired of living

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