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Nightingales sing, a cry from the heart
They yearn for the roses, warbling in the dark
Journey to the garden, a King on the waves
The nightingales rejoice, and sing out in praise
An exile with His sons, those sacred lives
Twelve days they would stay, to say their goodbyes
He walks out from His tent, and strolls through the night
The Ridvan of the earth, the roses piled high
The world is longing, the heavens are calling
Spirit is gathering force
1st voice
Come with me oh my, oh my dearest friend
Let me take you down to His garden
Across the water of mystery to the shores of divinity

Countless souls come to say good-bye
They hear Him chanting under the night sky
The words that fall from His, from His ancient tongue
Oh a new springtime has come
2nd voice
Lay me down to rest, in the garden of peace
Where time stood still, I am down on my knees
The ether flows all creation made new
Behold the Ancient of Days
Hundreds would come to bid farewell
Take comfort in His words, a tablet for everyone
And listen to Him at night, under moonlit skies
Chanting the verses, in the garden of paradise


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