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I gave birth to royalty I’m top notch
They know that I’m gone ride like I’m hotbox
Queen shit can’t wait to teach my daughter hopscotch
Bitch while I’m collecting guap like it’s box tops
Bitches tryna beef wit me but they are not opps
Ion see nobody bitch like I got glauc doc
I might treat a nigga, call that shit a joc soc
I might beat a nigga call that shit a block knock
We don’t even knock we just pop up you might get mop mopped
If we at yo head like some dreads got that slop top
Bitch I’m queen key I talk that shit it ain’t no pop rock
Nigga I’m the shit if you don’t like it bet yo thot rock

Bet yo hoe roll

Any bitch in my shoes woulda been fold
Any bitch in my circle is 10 toes
Any nigga talkin down a big hoe bitch and he don’t get hoes

Chew me like some mentos I got dental I’m expenso
Treat a nigga life lil bitch the truth hurt like I’m Lizzo
Bitch ion need no hook to read a book get out my business
I just want the paper stack that shit just like some buildings
Bitch I need some billions give that shit to all my children
Heard that nigga in his feelings he should be glad I ain’t kill him bitch
And I’ma talk my shit and that’s in every way
And these niggas on my dick and that’s like everyday



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