Can I run and hide
I’m stuck inside
My memories
Step away from time
Take me to a place
Where I will never grow old

I’m tired everyday
I’m thirsty for the rain
That waters all of my
The needle in the sky
Never fails to light
My night
And it sews my heart
On my tattered sleeve

Oh please
My heart is all for you
Just please
Take care of me
I’m all for you

Take take take me
All for you
Take take take me
Home to you

한국말이 더
빨리 늘었음 좋겠어
나의 마음을
더 잘 전할 수 있게, oh

비가 많던 그 곳
모두들 건강한지
가끔 내 생각은 하는지

아직 낯선 여기
나를 좋아해주는
새로운 친구 내게 생겼어

Oh please 이젠 날 받아줘
Just please
들어가게 허락해줘
늘 여기 있던 것처럼
Let let let me in your heart

들려줄 말이 너무 많은데

Oh please 내 손을 잡아줘
Just please
어제처럼 날 안아줘
늘 함께 있던 것처럼
Take take take me home

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Songwriter(s): Kim Eana, Yu Huiyeol, SAM KIM


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