Seconds, I missed him just by seconds
I missed him in the moment that it takes a door to open
All the plans that I had dreamed of
All the dreams that I was hoping for
Were shattered by the movement of the little hands that ticks away the seconds

That’s all it takes, it’s seconds
The rain has stopped the traffic
And it seemed my hopes were fading
Nothing moved across the city, while I prayed he still was waiting there
Knowing that my life was riding on the hand that ticks away the seconds

I’ve got more know than seconds
I’ve got myself a lifetime, I’ve got all the time I needed
I can sit here with this letter, nothing else to do but read it
Nothing else to do but listen
While the ticking clock keeps ticking, left my life with nothing else
No, nothing else but seconds

And all the men I’ve met since then…
Were seconds

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Songwriter(s): Neil Simon, Burt Bacharach

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