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Man, here we go again
Hey! Pass me that sawed-off

[Hook: The Showboys samples, repeating]
Yeah that should be fun
My sawed-off shotgun’ll blow out yo chest

[Verse 1]
I lost so many homies since my last song
I’m goin’ through some shit that I can’t mention
Rappers they threatin’ my life on the mic
f*ck yo opinions, get outta yo feelings
I’m from where they put a bullet hole behind yo ear
Listen hear that shit that we ain’t tryin’ to hear
Around here it ain’t safe ’round this time of year
Boy you ain’t gon’ shake shit but yo hair
Manson nigga, I’m obsessed with the violence
Equipped with the makeshift potato for silence
Shots fired, I man-up to the challenge
Pull up, make ’em do the Mannequin challenge
f*ck what you heard, you a sucker for lust
Show a sucker no love, end up covered in blood
Turn the club to the morgue for the money and drugs
The nerve of this nerd, I’ll make you eat yo words
Snack bars, cadaver dogs in yo backyard
Last rap nigga got robbed tryin’ to act hard
All my raps dark, I’m a rap god, this that Devil Shyt
Got niggas hatin’ on me that I never met
Where yo ass was at when we was broke
Smokin’ loose cigarettes?
So when I reminisce, I gotta represent
If I don’t f*ck with you, no disrespect
If you a f*ck nigga, this ain’t that
I got a Tommy drum for a Uncle Tom
f*ck the police and the president
Diss Lil Jack, you get hauled off
Talk that shit to my sawed-off
You ain’t no killa nigga balled off
(Yeah that should be fun)
Half of my niggas tellin’ me to chill
Other half tellin’ me kill or be killed
I went through war with some killas for real
Won’t say who they is, let’s just say that I lived
Robbed a whole lot of these niggas for real
Shot at some niggas, you know who you is
I really hear them voices in my head
Tellin’ me I’m the greatest that there is
You ride around with that fake hoe
She set you up if I say so
My hoe she ride with that Draco

She think she Griselda Blanco
You are not Drake hoe
You go to jail and get raped hoe
Now they callin’ you Beyonce
Gorilla my nigga – Harambe
I’m goin’ crazy – Kanye
[Hook: The Showboys samples, repeating]
Yeah that should be fun
My sawed-off shotgun’ll blow out yo chest

[Verse 2]
I keep hearin’ Lucifer talkin’ to me
Tellin’ me “put his corpse in a closed casket”
Road Warrior shoulder pads with the Louisville Slugger
– Bo Jackson
Rappers think this for wrestling
Well I’m King Jerry Lawler, I pull down the strap
f*ck a punchline, you’ll get flatlined
Don’t never write a rap about Jack
Blow a nigga head off, drop it out on the freeway
Then sell the murder weapon on eBay
Used to rap on the yard with the inmates
You’re not a real nigga Young MA
Niggas brainwashed, get ya game up
Before I change up, I get a game up
f*ck a rap deal, bitch I’m underground
I’ll blow yo brains out on my crown
(Yeah that should be fun)
I still got old money, got niggas who stole from me
Act like I owe ’em something
Keep it 100 down, I throw you somethin’
Nigga must think I’m a hoe or somethin’
I got hoe money, know niggas who told on me
These rap niggas know I’m bumpin’
Shit on these niggas at 40 somethin’
Keep that 40 dumpin’ body bags
Flaugin’ ass niggas need polygraphs
I can get you stabbed for my autograph
I heard that shit you recorded
I think this nigga retarded
I blame the shit that he snortin’
Candle lit pentagrams
Satan sold me his soul, I’m a business man
Mind yo business, man
Stick a straw in the whole quarter kilogram
West Memphis Boogeyman
f*ck a rap, bitch I fall off in yo crib
Single shot bitch, I will put one in yo head
You can drop a mixtape every week
But if it ain’t no hits on yo shit then yo shit weak
You ain’t gone bust shit but a nut
Choppers sound like Desiigner (BRRRRAAAAH!)
This is a friendly reminder: I KILL YOU

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Songwriter(s): Lil Jack


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