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Imagine you’re in a snowglobe, right?
And all these people keep coming and shaking you around
It’s above you, below you, and then you’re on the ground
The snow flutters around searching for a soft place to land
The person stares and appreciates
But not for a tad bit later
They begin to shake more violently
And you begin to trip less valiantly
And then it all comes crashing down

You wake up in a cold sweat
It’s three A.M. and you’re still depressed
Why is this happening?
Where did I go wrong?
Is God angry at me
Or am I just another sad song?
Another sad, sad song
Just another sad, sad, sad, sad song

‘Cause here we are again
In this endless f*cking snowglobe
Round and round we’re shaken
Stared at like an alien probe
The snow is overwhelming
Defeating every sound
Please, giant human, can you just drop me
And smash me to the ground?
And I wake up

I wake up and realize I’m just another sad song
A statistic, a number joining the millions
Who sing to the same sad song
Another one of them who cries to the sad song
Who rants to their friends the same lyrics all along
Who hears the same melody every night
While trying to sleep
And the melody goes
“You are worthless, you are fake and you make people feel meek”
But don’t forget about the drum solo, oh no no no
‘Cause it reminds me of all the stupid shit I’ve ever done
‘Cause I’m just a sad, sad song
Just a sad, sad song
Another sad, sad song

Piano at three A.M. is my cowbell
I have a disease and that’s the only prescription
People think I’m happy
That’s a misconception
My mind is a weapon
I’m bettin’ I’ll be done in three years

Or maybe I’ll just be writing another sad song
Another sad song

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Songwriter(s): Ethan Jewell



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