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Here we stand under the sun
And the world, our home keeps to spin around
And our days pass us by like street lights in the night

It’s okay to be afraid, time and time again we lose our way

We are one, never alone but ever so lonely
In our private little shells, we hide scared
We’re imprisoned in our bubbles, captives of our own fear
Despaired in the dark

Oh how I’m longing to feel free again
I sing as I’m walking through the night

There you are, gazing at the stars

Seeing how small we are, wondrous as it seems
Here and now, we are alive as eternity blinks an eye right now

Somewhere in space, in the Milky Way
There, below the sun, we are dancing in a fleeting moment’s grace
In this short time we share

We are one, all of the Earth
Deep down we all know and our spirits are its nature
At our cores, we are of the same one whole
It’s life that is blooming and there is no doubt
That all is love, love is all

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