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Shit ain’t nothing nigga, Check it
[Verse 1: Roc Marciano]

Back it’s the most flyest
Hoes suppliers got the desk clients
Chickenheads testifying
Squeeze tecs see lead flying
She wanna try’n pet the lion, stop lying
It’s science, this pimp shit kiss the ring shit (Muah)
You better know, yelllow carerra with the bow
Keep a nigga out the snow
My main ho, cop me the range ro’ she claim no
I need one for every color in the rainbow
Take your chain like Django
Break your mango, take two to tango
You think so, You think so young dingo?
Slick lingo, got me shittin out in Rio, like Ringo
Talk greasy like a spring roll
The old gringo yell bingo
Whip the caddy like a guido
What’s it to me though?
To send your team a hoes a torpedo, for free though
On the lee-low, sniff a kilo in the benzito
I’m just sharing what you and me know

She wanna sacrifice her body, she tryna buy me that Bugatti
She tryna sacrifice her body, she tryna cop me that Ferrarri
[Verse 2}

Layin’ in the coupe with crew
Little niggas out shootin, mouth moving
Talking that cow manure still say i knew her
My bitch i talk down to her, then cut the number down a fewer
Hoes to vow to outdo her, know how to out maneuver
$300,000 on the counter out in Cuba
Bout an hour sooner climbin out the sewer, how peculiar
We still cook base with no cut
Bagger tell the workers where to post up
My quotes coked up
Them hoes want them butter toast up
The Rolls roll up, I told my niggas roll up
Vigilante fly asfan me im eye candy
Grind for family, no swine in the pantry
You find an iron where my pants be, I’m fancy
My kicks hit land a bitch stampede…


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Songwriter(s): Roc Marciano


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