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A brilliant student from Dehradun got national recognition for finding a way to weight lose 5 kg in 10 days without chemicals, hunger and physical exertion.

A brilliant student from Dehradun got national recognition for finding a way to lose 5 kg in 10 days without chemicals, hunger and physical exertion.
A brilliant student from Dehradun got national recognition for finding a way to lose 5 kg in 10 days without chemicals, hunger and physical exertion.

In the month of March of 2021, something very surprising happened in the Endocrine Society of India. All the doctors who came to a conference there stood up and kept clapping for 10 minutes. We are talking about our country’s student Sunidhi Rawat. This girl invented a formula through which weight can be reduced very fast and without any diet.


You also know how much weight you can lose with Sunidhi’s formula

Sunidhi came up with a very new idea on which the scientists of India are currently working.

Not only in India but people all over the world came to know about this idea.

Dehradun’s Endocrinology Department of the Polyclinic and several private clinics were trying to make this medicine. And one day it became possible! It has become a medicine but currently only citizens of India can buy it!

How this new formula is successful in saving millions of lives and how can people of India get big discounts on it. Today we will discuss about this.

After a tragedy in the family, Sunidhi realized that dieting, physical exertion and medicines and even liposuction proved to be dangerous in more than half of obesity cases and did not solve the problem.

Reporter: Sunidhi ji, you are counted among the top 10 smartest medical students in the world. Why did you decide to fight the problem of obesity?

Sunidhi Rawat: I don’t want to talk much about this publicly and my motivation was purely personal. A few years back my mother died due to high blood pressure. She was troubled by this for many years. She lived very diet and was fine and was working very hard to lose weight. But one day suddenly he was paralyzed and died. My grandmother also died for the same reason. After that, I started studying deeply about the problems related to obesity and started looking for ways to get rid of them. That’s when I found that dieting, exercise and medicines and even liposuction are dangerous for 50% of people and do not solve the problem. My mom was also dieting and used to do regular aerobics exercises for 5 years.

I’ve done a lot of work on this issue over the years. There is a lot of talk today about my new way to lose weight and it came to the fore during my thesis. I suddenly found that while experimenting, I have made something which is being discussed all over the world.A big US pharmaceutical company offered Sunidhi $1 million in exchange for a formula and they wanted to sell the drug made from it for one thousand dollars per dose. But Sunidhi refused and knew that common people would not be able to buy such an expensive product. The purpose of Sunidhi’s life was to help as many people as possible fighting obesity.

Reporter: How are we talking deals?

Sunidhi Rawat: As soon as my research on losing excess weight was published, I started getting offers to sell my idea. First came the people of France who offered one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. After this came an American pharmaceutical company which was ready to give up to one million dollars. I used to get so many calls that I had to change my phone number and leave the social network because people would not follow me.

Reporter: But you didn’t sell formula as far as I know, did you?

Sunidhi Rawat: Yes, it may sound strange but I did not make this formula to make foreigners rich. What if I had sold it to foreigners? After getting everything patented, these people started making medicines and selling them at expensive rates. I am young but not stupid. In such a situation, the people of India will not get such a good way to get their obesity treated. A doctor from abroad told me that this prescription will be available for at least one thousand dollars. Now tell how many people in India will be able to buy it by paying one thousand dollars?

This is the reason why I was offered by the Health Ministry of the government that I should make medicine from it in India and I accepted it immediately. We have created this in collaboration with experts from polyclinics and private clinics of Institute of Endocrinology, Dehradun. It was great making it. Now its clinical trial is going on and it is publicly available.

The leading contribution from the government in its production was Rashmi Gupta ji , a well-known personality in the industry. We asked her about this new formula and its future plans.

Reporter: Can you summarize Sunidhi’s idea? Is it true that you can get rid of obesity without dieting and gym?

Rashmi Gupta: Sunidhi’s idea is very cool, it can also be called guide search as it gives the fastest way to lose weight. And we’re talking about a way that can help a whole life…

Sunidhi’s idea formula contains super-oxidants that send signals to a specific part of our brain (the amygdala) to stop accumulating calories and fat, eliminating the urge to eat “junk food”. Its name was Slimo .

Slimo is that prescription and has to be taken strictly as per the directions. Contains 25 different extracts that make the fat burning process up to 10 times faster! This remedy speeds up the metabolism and regulates the function of the endocrine system, catalyzes tissue rebuilding and has great effects on reducing appetite. It actively catalyzes the natural processes of the human body. Since fat burning starts due to the rapid metabolic process, there is no need for dieting. As a result, the accumulated fat and problem areas under the skin are permanently healed and fat is burned at the rate of 500 grams per day ! But the main thing is that there are no side-effects of Slimo !The name of this product is

SlimoContains 25 different extracts that accelerate fat burning by 10 times and burn fat at the rate of 500 grams per day! But the main thing is

SlimoHas no side-effects!

Rashmi Gupta: Here are the results of a woman who took part in the tests of «Slimo»:

A brilliant student from Dehradun got national recognition for finding a way to weight lose 5 kg in 10 days without chemicals, hunger and physical exertion.
Results 14 days after taking Slimo – 8 kg
A brilliant student from Dehradun got national recognition for finding a way to weight lose 5 kg in 10 days without chemicals, hunger and physical exertion.
Results 28 days after taking Slimo – 16 kg
Results 60 days after taking Slimo – 32 kg
Final result: -32 kg in 60 days !

Reporter: Great! When will this formula come to the shops as medicine? And at what rate?

Weight loss drugs bring in millions of dollars in earnings every year in the US alone. This product made by Sunidhi can bring a big change in the market.

Rashmi Gupta: Look, as soon as these people come to know about the effect of this recipe, pharmaceutical companies will attack us in every way. These people had already tried to buy it by paying money to Sunidhi. But these people were not buying it to sell it. They just wanted that it should not be sold to anyone. Treatment of obesity is a business of crores for pharmaceutical companies. America alone has a multi-million dollar market. Our recipe will completely turn the market upside down. In fact, why would anyone spend every month on medicines when one course of Slimo will eliminate the problem forever.

The chemists are also partners of the companies and hence work together. For them, selling their product is the most important thing. That’s why they do not even want to hear about our treatment, while it is the only official product suggested by the scientific institutions of India, which can reduce obesity.

Reporter: And when this recipe is not available in drugstores, then from where will people get it?

Rashmi Gupta: We decided that if pharmaceutical companies come in, we will work without them. Westarted the direct distribution of Slimo and removed these middlemen. We considered several methods and came up with the most effective method. Slimo is not sold in pharmacies! So, those who want toget Slimo at a discount can take part in the lucky draw! Where you are is not important, we can ship the product anywhere in India.Slimo is not sold in drug stores! so those who

SlimoTo get a discount they can take part in the lucky draw! Where you are is not important, we can ship the product anywhere in India.

We have started advertisement in media on big star to let people know about the product and are giving 100 packs of Slimo at a discount in lucky draw03.04.2022

Everyone can participate and win the first prize: Discount! This offer is only for the people of India so that people can know about this product.

Reporter: But how much will it cost?

Rashmi Gupta: We have made such an agreement with the Government of India that we will get enough money to cover all our expenses. Our aim is to take this recipe to the masses and not just limit it to the rich. In return, we have agreed that we will not export the product and will only distribute it in India.

Reporter: Thank you Rashmi! Nice to know about this unique product! Would you like to say something to our readers?

Rashmi Gupta: Thank you too. We would advise all our readers to get rid of obesity as it is the root of many diseases like:

  • high blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • arthrosis
  • varicose veins
  • fatty liver

Don’t wait to get lean, start fighting your problem now!


Mohini 03.04.2022

This is a completely new product. I have participated in clinical trials. We were about 100 people. And I have not only lost weight, I have also maintained.

Consciousness 03.04.2022

Mohini, this is really awesome! I have decided to be thin and will be this year! I just don’t understand one thing: If I take Slimo, will I still have to go on a diet?

soft 03.04.2022

Chetna, the clinical study group I was in had a lot of people who were taking it and not dieting, and they all had excellent results! Yes I was told to lose 15 kgs every month but “only” 12.8 kgs. Haven’t lost so much weight before! I am very happy with this result! Yes, if you include dieting and exercise, you will get better results!

Anita 03.04.2022

I read a lot about this product on the internet and my husband and I want to try it, we want to be thin. We are very excited, and waiting for the sale to start…

box 03.04.2022

Mohini, I saw your post, and I want one thing: how many days did you take Slimo ?

Dear. 03.04.2022

Manjusha, I took it for a month, some people in the group took a little longer. But the results were visible even after 7 days. Here are my photos. You can see that I have become thin.

Rajni 03.04.2022

I want to share my results with everyone, I was in the group with Mohini. We got great results. I am stunned to see its effect, this product really works. Good luck that I took part in the clinical trial. My life is better now! Look, here are my results. From start to finish of the experiment.

Lampblack 03.04.2022

Wow, I have to order too! If I order today, I might get a discount!

Sita 03.04.2022

I will order too. Its results are awesome! I want this product too. Its number is limited, as it has just started being made in India.

Tanya 03.04.2022

Sita, we are lucky! On Discount! I will order too! Will also take it for my mother, grandmother and friend who is suffering from obesity for many months and nothing is helping…

Anjali 03.04.2022

I was also in the drug test group! The sale has been announced in India! You don’t know but I have reduced my size a lot: from 52 to 40! And I ain’t even shy about showing it! Here are my results! Now many of my friends want to order for themselves! I will order more packs for myself too!

Miracle 03.04.2022

I’m blown away! What a wonderful result!

Sunil 03.04.2022

Friends, I was in the group of clinical trials and I lost weight too! This product is perfect for me. I was fat and no one wanted me… now I have a girlfriend. I am losing weight fast. Here is my photo!

A male name 03.04.2022

I’m ordering it right away! I am also a bit overweight… luckily this product is also suitable for men.

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