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What blood type is the universal donor

What blood type is the universal donor
What blood type is the universal donor

Pruthi, MBBS For emergency transfusions, ( What blood type is the universal donor ) blood group type O negative blood is the type of blood that has the lowest risk of causing a serious reaction for most people receiving it. Because of this, it is sometimes called the universal blood donor type.

Golden Blood’ that can save everyone’s life – What blood type is the universal donor

What blood type is the universal donor

Golden Blood. It is only by listening that one gets the feeling of something valuable. This is a rare group of ( What blood type is the universal donor )blood, which happens to very few people in the world.

Even if you consider people with this blood group to be special, but the reality is that for them this thing becomes fatal at times.

The blood group which is called gold blood, its real name is Rh null.

What is Rh null and why is it considered so valuable that it is compared to gold? After all, what is the danger for people with this blood group?

To know the answers to these questions, first we have to understand how the blood group is classified.

This is how blood groups are determined

The red blood cells that blood is made of are covered by a layer of proteins called antigens.

Golden Blood' that can save everyone's life - What blood type is the universal donor

Blood type A contains only antigen A, blood B has only B, blood AB has both and type O does not have both.

There is another type of antigen in red blood cells. This is called RhD. This antigen is part of the group of antigens of type 61 Rh. When there is Rhd in the blood then it is called positive and if it is not there then it is called negative type.

Common blood groups are thus identified and classified as: A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+ and O-.

If someone needs a blood transfusion, it is important to know his blood group.

If the blood of a positive donor is transfused to a person with a negative group, it can be fatal for them. This is because his body’s antibodies can reject this blood.

For this reason those with O-blood group are called universal donors. Because it contains neither antigens A, B nor RhD. In such a situation, the blood gets mixed with the blood of other groups without being rejected.

Dangerous ‘Golden Blood’

In this way, out of all the combinations of blood, Rh null is different.

If someone’s red blood cell does not have Rh antigen, then his blood type will be Rh null.

In an article published on the biomedical research portal Mosaic, Penny Bailey wrote that this blood type was first identified in 1961. It was found in Native Australian women. Since then, only 43 such cases have been reported in the whole world.

Natalia Villaroya, a specialist in hematology at the National University of Columbia, told the BBC that this type of blood would be inherited. He said, “Both parents must be carriers of this mutation.”

Rh null blood type can be a boon as well as a curse.

In a way, it is universal blood that can be donated to anyone with Rh type or rare blood type without Rh. But this is done in very few cases because it is almost impossible to get.

“It is called the Golden Blood because it is extremely rare,” says Dr. Thierry Perard, director of the National Reference Laboratory.

According to Bailey, this type of blood is priceless. Even though this blood is stored in blood banks without any name and address, there have been cases in which scientists have tried to trace donors with the intention of taking blood samples for their research.

It is costly to have this blood group

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Having a golden blood group sometimes costs people dearly. According to the US Rare Disease Information Center, people who have a null blood type Rh may have mild anemia.

From above, if they need a blood transfusion, they can only be given Rh null blood, which is difficult to find. Not only because people with this blood type are very few and if a donor is found in another country, then bringing blood becomes a complicated task.

People with Rh null blood type live in Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Ireland and the USA.

They are encouraged to keep donating blood so that it can be used as a reserve for them too. But since people with this blood are very few, their blood is also useful for other needy people.

Which blood group is universally accepted?

Which blood group is universally accepted?

Blood Group (Blood group) or blood type , blood is a classification that blood red blood cells in the substance found on the surface of hereditary antigen is based on the presence or absence of. Depending on the blood system, these antigens may be proteins , carbohydrates , glycoproteins , or glycolipids , and some of these antigens may also be present on the surface of other types of tissue and cells . multiple red blood cell surface antigens, which are either the same allele or very closely linked genesCollectively, they form the blood group system. [1]Blood type (or blood group) is determined, in part, by the ABO blood group antigens present in red blood cells.

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