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What is 5G – How will 5G work and what will be the speed of 5G

What is 5G - How will 5G work and what will be the speed of 5G

What is 5G – How will 5G work and what will be the speed of 5G

What is 5G ? How will 5G work? What will be the speed of 5G? Which countries have 5G ? What is the speed of 5G network?

Friends, today we are telling you about 5G, what is 5G and how 5G works, what is the speed of 5G, today we will discuss all these things as you know first 2G came, then 3G then after that 4G But now the era of 5G has come, so through this article we are telling you people what will happen in 5G? What will be the benefits of this, how much will its speed be more than 4G? To know all these things, read this article carefully.

What is 5G ?

If 5G is said in simple words, then it means high speed internet and if it competes with 4G then it will be 100 times faster than 4G. Like we watch social media YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram WhatsApp Netflix videos in 4G or have to exchange messages but in 5G autonomous vehicles will also be able to use such things as virtual reality, Internet of Things. Like doing robot work in a self-propelled car factory and smart home, in all these you can operate even from a distance. All these technologies are ready, but to use it, high speed internet is required which can be found only through 5G.

Imagine that you are driving a car without a driver, that is, a robot car sitting at your home and if the signal gets stuck, then an accident can happen in 1 second, so it is not possible with 4G. To make this dream come true, use 5G only. Will have.

What is 5G - How will 5G work and what will be the speed of 5G

How will 5G work?

5G networks are capable of operating in the 30 to 300 GHz millimeter-wave spectrum. Good

quality LTE is considered to be a long-term evolution in 5G mobile or broadband networks. The high-band spectrum internet speed of 5G is 20 Gbps i.e. gigabytes per second, if it competes with 4G, then the Internet speed in 4G is usually measured at 1Gbps. . In 5G, three types of bands work in particular, low, medium and high frequency spectrum. In which all three bands have their own limits along with their use. The following are all three types of bands.

low band spectrum

If we talk about the low band spectrum, then the speed of the net and the maximum speed of data in and out is 100 Mbps.

medium band spectrum

If the medium band spectrum is compared with the low band spectrum, then the speed of medium band spectrum is faster than the low band spectrum. But apart from this, there is some limit of its coverage area and signal.

high band spectrum

If the low band spectrum and medium band spectrum is compared with the high band spectrum, then the speed of the high band spectrum is high but the capacity of the signal is very limited, that is, it cannot travel far, for this the towers will be placed closer.

What is the speed of 5G network?

Talking about 5G network speed, 5G network speed is 10 Gbps i.e. 10 gigabytes per second, while 4G speed is 100 Mbps i.e. 100 megabytes per second, which means the speed of 5G network will be 100 times more than 4G network. Similarly down link speed is likely to be 20 gigabytes per second, uplink speed is likely to be 10 gigabytes per second.

4G and 5G What is the difference?

The following is the difference between 4G and 5G which we are telling you.


The speed of 4G is 100 Mbps while the 5G network speed is 10 Gbps i.e. the speed is 100 times faster than 4G.

strong infrastructure

If we talk about mobile markets all over the world, after China, India is considered to be the largest mobile market in the world. So the number of Internet users is also increasing, earlier people wanted to talk to mobile but now they want to run internet also , due to which the load on 4G network has increased a lot where 4G users were 50,000, now there are 150000. So 5G is going to come with strong infrastructure which can bear the burden of more people.

decrease in latency

When we send a message to someone, it sends the message and receives the one we send, it measures the time it takes in latency, in 4G it takes a little while but in 5G it will happen immediately, sent the message here and there will be received.

buffering will decrease

When we start watching a video on a mobile or on a laptop, while playing it, a wheel spins, which is called buffering. Only the video will start.


When you search a website on the internet and enter keywords, it takes 20ms/sec in 4G but in 5G this time will come down to 2ms/sec in 5G.

network congestion

The number of Internet users of 4G is increasing continuously, due to which the load has become very high and the signal becomes weak, this 

problem will be solved with the arrival of 5G.

online gaming

When we play any online game like pubg, at ball pool and there are many online games like pubg we press fire button in it then fire happens after a while it is because of 4G network but in 5G fire as soon as you press fire button and will take less than a micro second.

What 5 G rumors spreading corona virus because testing 

Due to the testing of 5G, the corona virus is spreading, nowadays there is a lot of discussion on social media about this. According to experts, the corona virus is not spreading due to 5G because there are many countries where 5G testing has not been done, in which there are many poor countries of the continent of Africa, that 5G testing has not been done but there is an epidemic of corona virus. This proves that corona is not spreading through 5G testing. But 5G testing is being opposed in some countries including India. What will be the side effects?

So friends, today we told you what is 5G and you came to know about its benefits and what rumors are spreading from it, you also came to know. Hope you have understood all the things about 5G.

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