Home Information What is a laptop and how many types of laptops are there?

What is a laptop and how many types of laptops are there?

What is a laptop
What is a laptop

What is a laptop and how many types of laptops are there?

Laptop Kya Hai | How many types of laptops are there? Laptop Price List Kya Hai | learn how to operate laptop what is the cost of laptop

Friends, as you know, computers are being used in every field. Talking about technological development, laptops have replaced computers. That’s why it has become very important to know about laptops. That’s why today we are giving you complete information about laptops, what can a laptop do and how to use it and what are the types of laptops, we are telling you all this which is as follows.

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What is laptop?

Laptop is a small portable device compared to a computer, so it can also be called a portable computer, to explain about laptop, we can divide it into two parts, the upper part which contains the screen and the lower part which contains the keyboard . are connected by a clause. The bottom part of the keyboard contains computing devices in which CPU motherboard hard disk RAM everything is present. The screen of the laptop is called LCD or LED display. Apart from this, features of webcam inbuilt microphone touch screen have also started coming in the present time.

History of  Laptop

Alan Kay started thinking about a personal Portable Information Manipulator in 1968 at Xerox PARC, after which in 1972 he displayed it in the name of Dyna Book, along with the idea of ​​​​manufacturing laptops, first in 1980. The laptop was launched and after this many features were added in it in 1983 such as pointer pen touchpad handwriting recognition. In order to make the battery of this portable computer more powerful, some special CPUs like Intel i386SL were changed, in this power management feature was used, in 1991 the color display came, which you see in today’s present era laptops.

type of laptop

Here we are telling you the types of laptops which are as follows

  • Traditional Laptop
  • Rugged Laptop
  • Business Laptop
  • Notebook
  • Convertible or Hybrid
  • Desktop Replacement
What is a laptop
What is a laptop

Different parts of  laptop

Here we are telling you about the different parts of the laptop which are as follows

  • CPU 
  • memory 
  • internal storage 
  • removable media drive a
  • expansion card 
  • Battery and Power Supply 
  • cooling fan 
  • camera 
  • display 
  • charging port 
  • ethernet port 
  • DHMI port 
  • USB port 
  • audio jack 
  • Mouse Pad 
  • keypad 
  • DVD/CD Writer 
  • SD card port

So friends, these were the internal and external parts of the laptop

Whenever you go to buy a laptop, keep these parts in mind.

What is a laptop

Advantages of Laptop 

Due to the small size of the laptop, it has many advantages, which we are telling you, it is the following. What is a laptop What is a laptop What is a laptop

small size What is a laptop

The size of a laptop is smaller than a computer, so it is also called a portable computer, you can take it anywhere with you and you can do your work without a table by keeping it on your knees. You can also do your work by keeping it on the bed while sleeping.

chargeable battery

Chargeable battery is used to supply the power of laptop. In comparison, a computer consumes a lot of electricity.

low power consumption

Once the battery is charged, you do not need electricity to use a laptop and it consumes much less power than a computer. Most laptops run on 10 watts to 20 watts, compared to 100 to 800 watts in computers. Up to power consumption. That is why there is more demand for laptops than computers in the market. What is a laptop

all in one device

Laptops are called all-in-one devices because all the components are included in the same device and we do not have to carry any external device while going somewhere. occupies space. It is portable, can be taken anywhere, laptop is not needed for working, you can do your work even by keeping it on your knees, laptop saves electricity compared to computer.

disadvantages of laptop

While there are many advantages of laptops, there are also some disadvantages, we are telling you about this in detail which are as follows. What is a laptop

expensive price

Talking about the price of laptop, laptop is very expensive as compared to desktop, so it is very difficult task for a common man to buy a laptop.

expensive repairs

Laptop repair is also very expensive as compared to computer or laptop because all the components are installed in it whereas in computer all the parts inside the CPU are different and the parts which are defective can be replaced. But this does not happen in the laptop, if there is any problem in the laptop, then it has to be shown to a professional repairman and the components of the laptop are also expensive in which money is spent more.

Laptops can wear out quickly

Laptops can get damaged more quickly than desktops. Laptops are more likely to fall from the hands if a liquid such as water or tea is spilled on the laptop, it is more likely to get damaged whereas only the keypad in the computer is damaged. Laptop being portable, it is more prone to fall and damage.

potential for physical harm

When we work on the computer desktop, we have to work on it sitting on the chair and desk and the CPU is far away from our body. Or even lying down, we work by keeping it on the bed, it has a bad effect on our eyes, according to scientists, the rays removed from the laptop have a bad effect on the body. Therefore, work should be done by keeping the laptop on the table and not on the lap or lying on the bed, it can have bad side effects.

difficult to customize

It is a bit difficult to customize a laptop as compared to a computer, so you need a professional computer engineer, you cannot do it yourself whereas desktop you can easily customize and it is not that expensive either.

What is a laptop

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