Home Information What is BIOS (BIOS Full Form) and How to Update BIOS?free 2021

What is BIOS (BIOS Full Form) and How to Update BIOS?free 2021

What is BIOS (BIOS Full Form) and How to Update BIOS?free

What is the BIOS? What is BIOS Full Form. how to update ios BIOS Full Form Kya Hai | What is the function of BIOS. Type Of BIOS

 Friends, today’s topic is what is BIOS or how does it work? Friends Did you know that BIS OS   is what? I think you all must know what is BIOS? Because the way computer has become important in our life, it is essential for us to be aware of it. But there will be many people who will not know what is BIOS. That is why today we will tell through this article what is BIOS or how does it work?

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Let us explain what is BIOS?

BIOS is a type of software that is connected to motherboards. Which identifies and configures the keyboard, mouse, processor and hardware as soon as the computer is turned on. It helps the computer to know which are the input and output devices. BIS OS   full form BASIC INPUT / OUTPUT DEVICE SYSTEM K This is the first software that runs as soon as the computer is started. Without BIOS, the computer cannot start. The BIOS is pre-installed in almost all computers. It is installed in the ROM of the computer. The screen in front of you when you turn on the computer is called BIOS.

The purpose of?

BIOS is a kind of firmware. This computer motherboard when the load is in a part which gives instruction to the computer operating system you open the computer BIS OS   is the first task.

Functions of BIOS

s Let’s tell you about the four functions of.

  1. POST: Tests the hardware of a computer and sees if there are any errors in it  before loading the operating system .
  2. BOOTSTRAP LOADER: When the operating system reaches all the right places, then the BIOS controls the operating system.What is BIOS (BIOS Full Form) and How to Update BIOS?free
  3. BIOS DRIVER: There is a type of low level trivers that give you operational control over the computer.
  4. BIOS SETUP OR CMOS SETUP: Configuration program helps you configure hardware settings which are computer password, time and date.
What is BIOS (BIOS Full Form) and How to Update BIOS?free
What is BIOS (BIOS Full Form) and How to Update BIOS?free

 What is very important?

Yes, the BIOS is very important because it is a software that plays different roles. Its most important role is to load the operating system when you turn on your computer. A microprocessor helps to provide its first instruction. He Instruction should get so far neither BIS OS   gives him one of the first instruction.

Types of BIOS

s   know IA are two types of these two types.

  • UEFI (unified extensible firmware interface): This is for a modern PC. UEFI has a minimum volume of 2.2TB and above. It can be done only in modern PC to store data inside itself.
  • Legacy BIOS: This is used in older motherboards to turn on the computer. It works like UEFI but it has some limitations.

how reset?

There are 3 methods to reset BIOS.

Method 1: BIOS MENU

Open the BIOS menu and find the Default Settings option. You can reset it directly from the menu? Follow the below steps carefully to reset from BIOS MENU.

1: Restart the computer.

2: Pressing any key will open the bios menu and setup utility.

3: b i o S   Find option to reset. There are many names for that option. Let me tell you what is his name?

  • Load default
  • Load fail-safe default
  • Load BIOS default
  • Load setup default
  • Load default setting
  • Get default values
  • Save these changes
  • Exit BIOS


 Your computer’s motherboard has a jumper that is very special. That clears the bios.

 You can also reset the bios password from it?

 Read the steps given below carefully.

 1: Shutdown the computer.

2: Remove the power switch so that the computer does not receive any power.

3: Find the jumper on your motherboard whose name will tell you below. that’s the name


4: Set the jumper clr to another place.

5: Start your computer.

6: When your computer is booted then turn it off. Move clr to its original location.

Method 3: Replace the CMOS battery

 If one method does not then this method works B i o S   and reset.

 Follow the steps given below.

1: Shutdown the computer.

2: Remove the power cord.

3: Find the battery in the motherboard and remove that battery.

4: If the battery does not remove easily, leave it there. And work with the other two methods only.

5: Take out the battery for 5 to 10 minutes if it drains.

6: Reinsert the battery and start the computer.

What is BIOS (BIOS Full Form) and How to Update BIOS?free


 I hope you have understood through my article   what is BIOS or how to reset it?

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