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What is communication – what are the types of communication? Free 2021

What is communication - what are the types of communication?

What is communication? How many types of communication are there? What are the types of communication in technology. major parts of communication

Hello Friends First, we would like to do communication to the Hindi means of communication. As you all know that in earlier times how many days used to exchange communication with each other and it was very difficult to communicate. But in today’s time, on the basis of technology and digitalization and the way the country is growing, it has become very easy to communicate with anyone. So let’s go today, through this post, we will tell you about all the important information related to communication like what is communication, its types etc. If you also want to get more information related to communication , then definitely read this post of ours till the end What is communication – what are the types of communication?

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What’s the communication?

Any kind of information and exchange of information is called communication or communication. In today’s time, people have many options available to exchange any kind of information and information with each other. Within a few minutes, any information is easily accessible by us to another person. In today’s time, people are connected to each other through many mediums to communicate with each other, which is a very good option in view of the earlier times. Did you know that the origin of the communication the Latin word communist word communication originated. However, the best option for communication is our voice and our language.

The Internet has made it even easier for us to communicate with each other, which takes very little time to stay connected to each other. Not only humans need communication, but animals and birds also communicate with each other.

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what is a black chain

types of communication

Like we just told you above that the exchange of information and information is called communication or communication. Let us now know how many types of communication are there.

Intrapersonal Communication

Intrapersonal communication means to communicate with oneself. Meaning that a person talks to himself alone like any human’s thinking goes on in his mind. If a person makes a plan in his mind or dreams or thinks about anything in his mind, then it all comes under Intrapersonal Communication.

Interpersonal Communication

When a person talks with each other face to face, it comes under interpersonal communication. In this type of communication, you can be anywhere in the form of word picture signal as there is direct contact between two people.

Group Communication

Friends, as you must be knowing from the name itself that here we are talking about group communication, which in Hindi we also call group communication. Goes like a meeting or party etc.

Mass Communication

This type of communication is also called mass communication because there is a very large group of group communication in it, which means to convey any kind of information through communication medium to the public, it comes under mass communication.

types of communication in technology


Through simplex, if you want to transmit information to someone, then it works only in one direction, that is to say, either through simplex you can send information or you can receive information. For example, from TV we can only receive but not send information and we can send our information through keyboard in computer.

Half Duplex

Through half duplex, you can exchange any information and information from both the sides but it is possible at the same time. For example suppose if you save some data in pen drive to computer. If you do, then you cannot open it at that time.

Full Duplex

Full Duplex This is a medium where information can be exchanged from both the sides at the same time for example like your smartphone.

What is communication - what are the types of communication?
What is communication – what are the types of communication?

major parts of communication


What is exchanged is information or data.


The sender of any information is called a sender.


When we send any information or information to others, it is called medium. For example, if we are communicating by talking to someone, then voice is our medium. And if we send our information to someone by writing a letter, then that letter becomes our medium.


The person who receives the information sent by us is called receiver . For example, the person receiving our information could be our telephone or computer.


Any information is sent either directly or by means of a code signal. Understanding these signals, the receiver encodes them.What is communication – what are the types of communication?


There are some rules for exchanging our information with anyone, on the basis of which we can communicate with them. For example, suppose we communicate any kind of data by two mobiles via Bluetooth. If you can exchange, then it can be possible only through a protocol.

What is communication – what are the types of communication?

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