Home Information What is Computer Processor and how does it work?

What is Computer Processor and how does it work?

What is Computer Processor and how does it work?
What is Computer Processor and how does it work?

What is Computer Processor and how does it work?

What is computer processor? How computer processor works? What is the Computer Processor Price? what are the types of computer processor?

There is something called CPU in the computer, this CPU is called the Central Processing Unit, which you can also call the processor. The Central Processing Unit is fitted in the mother board and it is located in the center like the brain of a normal human being works. Similarly, this processor is the brain of the computer, all the things are stored in it, whatever work we do on the computer, all the responsibility of the computer process is there. 

Every work of the computer passes through this process, hence it is called Central Processing Unit. So come today we will tell you about all the important information related to Computer Processor like how it works and its features. If you also want to get information related to computer processor, then definitely read this post of ours till the end.What is Computer Processor

what is computer processor

The computer processor is a chip that is fitted with the motherboard in the CPU. Apart from this, other components are also connected with the mother board which control the computer. Computer process is a special kind of electronic chip which is used in our computer system. All the devices are attached to the motherboard and the computer processor acts like a brain and controls the entire computer system. It understands all the working on the computer and all the working between the computer. For this reason, the processor recognizes all the commands given by the user in the computer well and along with this, works on the input command and displays them on the screen of our computer.

 Processor speed is measured in GHz because the more cores the processor has, the better it works and whatever work we do, input it and come on the display of our computer screen in a few seconds. If there was a single core processor, then it would not be able to give the output of more heavy task quality, that is, it would start hanging, so nowadays all the gadgets like computers, mobiles, or laptops etc. have 4 core, 6 core processor is used.

What is Computer Processor and how does it work?

History of computer processor

In the year 1971, Intel designed the first single chip microprocessor in the world, it was organized by 3 Intel engineers Federico Faggin, Ted Hoff and Stan Mazo. This chip, named Intel 4004 micro processor , was designed in such a way that all processing functions such as CPU, memory and input and output control were kept in a single chip . Gradually, with the passage of time, there were new inventions, due to which there was a lot of change in the design of computers and their ability to work also increased. In today’s era, Intel is the king of the processor world, it makes processors of every variety.

processor speed clock

This click speed is also called clock rate or processor speed . Click speed is the speed at which the microprocessor executes each instruction or each vibration of the clock, the CPU requires a fax number of clocks or cycles. The faster your clock speed to execute each instruction, the faster your CPU will be. The faster your processor can execute the instructions. Clock speeds are measured in MHz. MHz means that there are 1 million cycles per second.

Computer Processor core (core)

Processors have different cores according to their capacity. A typical processor has a single core i.e. it is a single CPU. The same dual-core processor has two processor circuits with the same frequency. It can work at double speed as compared to single core processor that too very easily. The more cores a processor has, the more successfully it can accomplish multitasking.

2 core in Dual core

4 core in quad core

6 core in Hexo core

8 core in Octa core

10 core in Deca core

How does a computer processor work?


 Fetch means to fetch all the information given by the user and their function is to send the input from RAM to the central processing unit. It stores these in an instruction register, this work is called fetch.


In the process of this fetch, when the instructions given by the user are stored in an instruction register, then one of the functions of the CPU is to take all the commands and pass them through a circuit called decoder. Next begins the function of the decoder, which converts the instructions into signals and passes them to another logic unit of the CPU. After that it does the arithmetic calculation. After this process, we can do our work on the monitor or printer and can also see


So when all this information is decoded after that it executes the instruction by passing through the control unit of CPU and then generates the output after that these instructions are sent again to the memory which helps in controlling it. does.

Back process –

First of all, this process happened in the fetch process, after that it was executed through decode, now it is the last and common command of the processor. As we write all the information in our register through the pen, in the same way the CPU maintains a register in the process of all this operation, during which this process does its work, with the help of this, the output can be accessed quickly. And accessing the output means viewing it on the display on the screen or taking a print out, this is the last step, it is also called write process or can also be called print process.

types of computer processors

Budget processor

In today’s internet age, budget processor is being used a lot because it uses very little electronic power and its cost is also very less in the market, so it is very beneficial to upgrade the computer because of being cheap. Everyone can easily buy it and can do their work easily with the help of this processor.

Intel celeron

When this processor was launched, it was not considered very good because its performance was low and it was also expensive in the market, due to these reasons, Inter-Celeron upgraded it to 64 bit and re-launched it in the market and its capacity increased. Now it also uses less power and does not get hot, so its demand has increased among internet users.

Intel pentium 4

Intel Pentium 4 is the best of all the processors we have told you about so far, its working capacity and its speed is more than the processor mentioned above because it works on 3.2 GHz which is the highest among them. The speed of any of them is not that high, it is considered very high speed.

Main stream processor

These processors consume a little more power than the processors given above, so they use motherboards with more cores and caches, the motherboard has to be checked before using them.

Dual core processor

 As you know dual means two, so its name suggests that it is a 2 core processor which is made by 2 core processor, due to which its speed is also high. For this, two processors are added so that it can give maximum output in a very short time.

AMD athlon 64×2

 This type of processor is used to increase the working capacity of the computer and it also uses less electronic power, so that there is no danger of heating, this type of processor can do difficult work very easily. And do it in less time, in this a kind of socket is used which is very easily connected to the motherboard.

Intel pentium D

 Intel Pentium D has tried to increase all kinds of convenience such as speed and efficiency, that is why it is more liked in the market and it also takes very less power, it does not even have the problem of connecting it to the computer. It is designed so that it gets attached to the motherboard in any way, even if you can attach it from outside via USB and can do its work by staying outside the CPU, it is good for all types of users to work. feel.

 2.AMD processor

These processors are much cheaper than Intel processors. If we use AMD’s processor in the laptop, then these battery power consumes a lot, due to which the battery gets damaged quickly. Along with this, its speed is also very less, due to which they generate more heating.

 5.AMD Athlon 64

Two sockets have been used in this type of processor, so that it supports 64 bit, but it has one drawback, it works only by doing 32 bit.

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