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What is computer and full form of computer?

What is computer and full form of computer
What is computer and full form of computer

What is computer and when was computer invented and how?

What is computer? When was computer invented? How many types of computers are there? What is the use of computer? Feature Of Computer

What is computer

A computer is a machine in which arithmetic and logical operations are performed automatically by computer programming. Computer is one such thing. Which is used in all the work nowadays, the computer is such a machine that all the work is done online. In this, you do not need to make a diary from place to place, you can keep the data of all your work in one place. Computer is found everywhere in every sector. Be it private or public. Computer has become an essential part of today’s generation. Working without a computer has become very difficult now. There are two important things in the computer through which the computer runs. let’s Know What is computer

What is computer and full form of computer
What is computer and full form of computer

 Hardware and software are two important things of a computer .

 What is Hardware ?

Hardware is the thing in the computer that we can touch, see and if needed, we can change all the things that are used. Such as keyboard , mouse, monitor, cpu, ups, printer etc. All these things can also be changed if they get damaged.What is computer

What is  Software ?

Software is the instruction that a computer gets to work. Software is something that is found inside the computer that we cannot touch or see.

What is computer and full form of computer

History of  Computer

Computer was invented in the 19th century by Professor of Mathematics. By Charles Babbage. The history of computer is divided into 3rd generation

first generation. 1937-1946

The first electronic digital computer was made in 1937 which Dr. John v. Atanasof and Clifford Berry had created their name was the Atanasof Berry computer.

In 1943, a computer named Colossus was built for the military.

In 1946, the first general purpose rule was made, which was named Electronic numerical integrator and computer. Its weight was 30 tons, this computer could do only one thing at a time.

Second Generation. 1947-1962

In 1951 the first computer was for commercial use which was made for the public which was named Universal automatic computer.

1953 International Business Machine was created, whose series came to 650 700, at this time the programming language was invented.

Third Generation. 1963 From now until.

  • With the computer generation, little things started getting smaller and things started getting bigger and easier.
  • 1980. The Microsoft disk operating system was invented and in 1981 personal computers were made for the home and office.
What is computer and full form of computer

Feature Of Computer


Computer can do any task very fast. For example, if we sit to do millions of operations like multiplication, division, addition, then it takes at least 5 minutes, but the computer can do these actions in seconds in the blink of an eye. Apart from this, there are many other tasks that can be done by the computer in working time.


As we all do many of our work by many types of automatic machines. Computer also does its work in automatic ways. The computer continues to do its work on its own once the program is loaded.


There is never any mistake in any work done by the computer. Computer can complete any process without any mistake. If a mistake is made by the computer, then the biggest reason for this is to input wrong data. Because the computer itself never makes a mistake.


In the present time computer is gaining its footing all over the world very fast due to its versatility. Computer Computer is being used for performing mathematical operations as well as for business tasks.

High Storage C

Computers can store millions of words in a very small amount of space. The capacity of storing data in a computer system is very high. It can store any type of data, picture, file, program, game and sound etc. for many years.


A computer has the ability to perform a task continuously for several hours, days and months. There is no decrease in the ability of the computer to work continuously, nor does the ability to result in the work decrease. If seen, for any human being, his ability to do any work continuously decreases and he starts getting tired but computer is the opposite.


The computer’s memory is very powerful, any process related to the computer is very reliable. His store memory remains accurate even after years.

Power Of Remembrance

Computer keeps all the things whether it is important or not by storing them inside its memory and also makes available any information later when it is needed.

What is computer and full form of computer

Computer full form

C – Commonly

O – Operating

M – Machine

P Particularly

U – Used in

T – Technology

E – Education and

R – Research

Part Of Computer

1- Input Device

The devices we use to enter data inside our PC are called input devices.

2- Motherboard

Motherboard is the main circuit board of the system. In this all the parts are connected. The CPU, mouse, keyboard, printer, monitor and other devices are directly connected to the motherboard by cables.

3- Central Processing Unit

The CPU works like the human brain.

It is also known by many names, such as e-brain processor, central processor, and micro processor. This system is in the motherboard inside the cabinet. The world’s first processor was made by Intel company in 1970.

CPU mainly has 2 parts, Arithmetic and Logical Unit, Control Unit

4- Output Device

After the data is processed in the system, the devices which the system uses to show the result by outputting it are called output devices.

5- Hard Disk Drive

Hard disk acts as the storage of a system. This is a permanent storage device. In which you can store the data for as long as you want.

6- RAM

Its full form is Random Access Memory. RAM increases the speed of the system. That is why the higher the capacity of RAM, the higher the speed of the system will work.

7- Power Supply

An electrical device that supplies power to all parts of the system.

Advantages of  Computer

Tasks are easily done.

Computer Internet by connecting the computer helps in connecting you to the Internet, allowing you to connect to the whole world.

Information stored does is: 

what is more space in the computer so that you can put in all Information photos videos and more computers.

Keeps data alphabetically :

Computer keeps your data alphabetically. With this, you will not have to face much trouble in finding it.

Teaches you new things :

Computers tell you a lot of things that you don’t know, you can learn a lot from it.

Saves your time :

Computer saves you time by doing your work and work.

Computer to use

Word Processing:

You do all your work in word processing. You can save by writing. Or nowadays there is a very big use of computer.

Powerpoint Presentation:

Powerpoint presentation helps you a lot in presenting office work, it is used a lot in your office and college.

Photo Editing:

Photo editing has now become a very important part. In today’s generation, no work is complete without photo editing.


Email is one of the most important uses of computers. You can connect by email all over the world. Email is most commonly used in today’s work.


Computer is a machine that is now the same everywhere. This. has become an important part. With this, all the work of people’s life is done easily and in less time. I hope that you must have got a lot of information about computer from my article.

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