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What is e-commerce and how to earn money by doing free business on e-commerce in 2021

What is e-commerce

E-commerce Kya Hota Hai | How to earn money doing business on e-commerce. Types of E-commerce | Advantages of e-commerce | Benefits of e-commerce.

We also know e-commerce as electronic commerce or internet commerce . There are many people who do not know what is e-commerce. First of all, let us tell you that on e-commerce you can buy or sell all kinds of products or services, transfer of money and exchanging data on the Internet is called e-commerce. You can easily do your shopping on e-commerce in a very short time and if you want, you can also earn money by doing your business through e-commerce.What is e-commerce

 E-commerce in India was started in 2007 through Flipkart, after that gradually other companies like Amazon, Jabong and Snapdeal also started selling the same in India. So today we will give you all the information related to e-commerce like e-commerce. -What is commerce? Its types, benefits etc. will be explained.What is e-commerce

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What is e-commerce?

E-commerce or Internet commerce is a kind of online shopping mode using which you can buy or sell things. Through e-commerce, you can easily do data exchange , money transfer, mobile recharge or TV recharge over the Internet . It saves your time and allows to start business without any hassle.

What is e-commerce and how to earn money by doing free business on e-commerce in 2021

What is RAM

Types of E-Commerce

 There are mainly seven types of e-commerce.

Business to business model

Where is the online business which is done between more than two company, organization and agency, where is the business to business model. In this process, the end consumer is not you or us, but there is another business which is to buy the goods you need from other business online. In this business model, the producer wholesalers etc. are involved.What is e-commerce

 Business to consumer

 When you order a book for yourself from a publisher, this shopping is included in this business model because here the transaction is direct from business to consumer.What is e-commerce

What is e-commerce and how to earn money by doing free business on e-commerce in 2021

Consumer to consumer

 On this model a customer transacts online with other planets. You get to see some similar models on eBay, Amazon, where a customer sells his old goods and new goods directly to the customer.What is e-commerce

Consumer to business

 When a customer sends his goods and services directly to a business then it is called e-commerce consumer to business. A photographer, comedian, youtube etc. can charge a business for product promotion according to his audience, and can also provide some of his services on royalty basis. All these tasks come under this model, professional people can also earn a lot of money from this business model.

 Government to business

 E-governance under which governments and administrative institutions provide their services to business institutions through the Internet. The list of these services may vary from country to country, including legal documents, online applications, social security schemes, job provisioning, and other business services the government is providing online. Due to which both the time and money of the government and business establishments are being saved.What is e-commerce

Business to government

 When governments have bought some goods and services of their need online from business, then it is called business to government model like a local government agency has to install CCTV cameras in its jurisdiction and can also give a contract to install them to a business. All functions come under this model.

Consumer to government

 E-governance service continues on this model also because a common citizen also has a lot of government work, for which he has to make rounds of government offices, but when government services become available online, the customer can avail these services directly through the website. can receive.

What is e-commerce

Benefits of e-commerce

  • With the help of e-commerce, you can make your mark all over the world. If you are a seller then you don’t need to find new customers.What is e-commerce
  • You can easily buy any item of your choice by simply looking at it and getting the information.
  • You can start online shop without spending 1 rupee on e-commerce.
  • People have accepted that a lot of time is wasted by going to the market and buying goods, therefore, considering the value of time, it is considered better to buy goods online.
  • Unlike street shops or malls, online stores do not have fixed opening or closing timings as 24×7 shopping is available here.What is e-commerce
  • It takes you only a little time to shop online but a lot of your time is wasted in shopping outside.
  • The online store recommends products to you based on your search behavior and past purchases and suggests products based on your likes and dislikes.

Disadvantages of e-commerce

  • When customers go out for shopping, we touch and test that item by looking, but this facility is not available while shopping online.
  • If you want to do online shopping then you need to be digital literate because you do not have knowledge of computer, internet, netbanking etc then online shopping is useless for you.
  • E-commerce is most prone to fraud because it is easier to do fraud online and people do not understand this.
  • Many of our problems get resolved within minutes while buying stuff from stores but nothing like this happens on e-commerce.
  • People have to wait for their goods even after paying money when buying goods online.
What is e-commerce
What is e-commerce and how to earn money by doing free business on e-commerce in 2021

How to start your business on e-commerce?

Specify your own or existing marketplace

 To start his own e-commerce business in India, first of all the entrepreneur has to decide whether he wants to set up a marketplace or wants to do this type of business by connecting with any already available market. That is to say, there are two ways to do this type of business in India, first that the entrepreneur wants to start his business by setting up his own e-commerce website and secondly he can also sell the product through any famous marketplace already. This type of business can be done.

Register your e-commerce company

Those who want to start this kind of business by setting up their own online store, they need to register their business according to the rules. If the entrepreneur wishes, he can register his business as a partnership or as a private limited company. Legalizing your business may also require the application of GST as per the rules in force.

book domain name for online store

 Entrepreneur has given legal form to his business and has done bank account GST registration etc. procedures in the name of business then his next step should be to book a domain name similar to business for his online store. In order to make a name for himself in the digital world, he inevitably needs a domain name because this domain name can be the identity of his business online.

create e commerce website

 After selecting the domain name for his online store, the entrepreneur doing the e-commerce business will have to set up an e-commerce website. For this he will have to take the help of a web developer or contact a company that has previously Offers online store. If he wants to set up his own custom story, he can do so by contacting a web developer or agency.

 register sellers

 After setting up online, the first step of the entrepreneur should be to meet the nearby person sellers because if no seller will be associated with you then what will you send?

payment gateway

If you are starting your own e-commerce, if you have added different sellers, then now he will also need a payment gateway. That is to say, the person setting up his online store needs a payment gateway to process the customer’s payment through credit cards, debit cards, net banking, etc.

manage logistics

As we all know that when a customer has purchased goods online, then the online store from which he has purchased this goods is responsible for delivering that goods safely to his given address. That is why now the next step for an entrepreneur starting an ecommerce business is to approach a logistics company. Contract with a company that is ready to provide service at cheap rates.

reach consumers on the internet

If an entrepreneur has completed all the procedures for starting his own ecommerce business, then he should make financial efforts to reach out to the consumers. Apart from this, the entrepreneur can also take the help of affiliate marketing because in this people will be able to promote your store under the control of earning their money, so that I myself and you will also be able to earn. You can earn good money by doing business on this Tara of Commerce.


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