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What is GNM Course and How to do GNM Course – Complete Information

What is GNM Course
What is GNM Course

What is GNM Course. GNM Course Kya Hai | How to do GNM Course | GNM Course Fees | What is GNM Course Salary? GNM Course Application Form

Friends, today we will tell you about GNM course, what is GNM course and we will give you all the information about how to do this course, friends, in today’s era it is necessary to adopt some profession. So you can take up this profession. Both men and women can do this course. We are telling you all the things what should be the qualification for doing GNM course and from where you can do it and how you can do it.What is GNM Course

What is GNM course?

The full form of GNM is ‘General Nursing and Midwifery’, the duration of this course is 3 years, it can be done by both boys and girls. After the completion of 3 years course, you will have to do 6 months internship in a hospital, in this you will be taught how to take care of the patient, give injections, give medicines to the patients, everything is taught. And after the internship, you can do a job in any government hospital or private hospital, as your experience will increase while doing the job, so will your post, along with it, you can do further studies along with it. To do this course, you have to pass the twelfth exam with good marks.What is GNM Course

GNM Course

Eligibility for GNM Course

Here we are telling you about the eligibility for doing GNM course , how much qualification you should have i.e. how much is your qualification.

  • For this, you have to pass the 10th exam with good marks, that is, you should have about 60% marks.What is GNM Course
  • You have to do high school exam with science subject.
  • Then after this you have to pass the 12th exam with 60% marks.
  • Along with this, you have to take Biology Chemistry Physics in 12th.
  • For this your age should be minimum 18 years and maximum 35 years.

How is the entrance exam for GNM course conducted?

  • If you have passed class 12th exam with 60% marks and you have physics chemistry biology subject then you can appear in its entrance exam.
  • Many medical colleges make provision for its entrance exam, you have to pass this competition and take admission in any medical college, it depends on you from which college you want to do GNM course and many medical colleges are based on merit. give admission on the basis of
  • If you have good percentage in 12th then you can get admission even without entrance exam. Provision of this exam is done in the month of May and June every year for GNM course.
  • In this, all the questions are objective type i.e. a question has four answers, you have to select one of the four, if you pass in this exam, then you will be given the facility to choose the college according to your percentage and its The result comes by the end of July.

How to take admission in college after passing GNM Course entrance exam?

After passing the GNM entrance exam, it depends on your percentage that which college will be given to you, you will be given admission in the same college and in this 3-year study, you will have to study carefully. Apart from theory, you will also have to pay more attention to practical. Because all this work is based on practical only.

What is the fee for GNM course?

It depends on which college you will be given admission in and most of the college fees are different, yet the fees for 1 year in a government college ranges from about 50 thousand to 80 thousand. Apart from this, in private colleges, your annual fee can be around 80 thousand to 1 lakh 50 thousand.What is GNM Course

What is the job salary of a GNM?

When your 3 year GNM course will be completed then you will have to practice for 6 months for an internship in a hospital, after that you can do a job in any hospital, its salary in any hospital is about ₹ 15000 month to ₹ 20000 month Might be possible.

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