Home Information What is Google Trends and how does Google Trends work?

What is Google Trends and how does Google Trends work?

What is Google Trends and how does Google Trends work?
What is Google Trends and how does Google Trends work?

What is Google Trends and how does Google Trends work?

What is Google Trends? How does Google Trends work? how to use google trends ? How To Use Google Trends For youtube

Friends as you all know. We solve all your queries from internet. Whenever we have any question in mind, we google it immediately. And that’s why Google provides many services to us. One of those services is Google Trends. Do you know what is Google Trends? Google is an app used by the whole world, on which the whole world puts its queries. But do you know how we can know the most popular career topic? We use Google Trends only to know the most popular query or topic . Google Trends lets us know which is the most asked topic?

What is Google Trends and how does Google Trends work?

What is Google Trends ?

  • Google Trends is a tool provided by Google, which was established by Google in March 2017. It is a very popular tool. With this we can know what is the latest trending on Google? How much is its popularity, from this we can know in the form of a graph that how much popularity is there?
  • You know about the most popular topics through Google Trends , what is the most important topic going on nowadays? This solves your problem and it is also very important for blogging.
  • Bloggers get to know about the most trending topics. If he writes his posts from this, then he will benefit immensely.
  • In Google Trends, you can use a graph to find out who is most popular, as if you searched for a support person? So Google Trends will show you a graph. From that graph you can find out what is its popularity?
  • This data was updated in a week by Google. But now its data is updated everyday.

 Why is it important for bloggers? 

As you know how difficult blogging is. One wrong post brings your website to the last rank. But a good post gives you the same benefit, it is a very important service for blogger. Because through this, doctors get to know most of the search keywords. They find it very easy to write posts. And the best part is that it is absolutely free. If you do not read any charges for this, then you can know what the public likes, that too for free?

How to use Google Trends?

 Let us tell you how Google Trends works?

  • Follow the steps below to use Google Trends.
  • Open a browser. Open a browser on   your computer and search Google. After searching you will see a page. Open Google Trends and create your ID on it.
  • Choose the option :   After opening Google Trends, you will get two options, out of those two options, you have to choose those two options. Country change or search option.
  • Modify : The   Next Compare like you meet a lot of options Country Change category or Web search. You can modify all these options according to you.
  • All Region I are from all regions you can see that has been Kitnasrc your keywords in what state your country.
  • Queries:   Here you will see the queries of your related topics.

Benefits of Google Trends

 Let us tell you what are the benefits of Google Trends?

  •  Finds the best keywords for you:   The advantage of Google Trends is that it identifies the most searched keywords for you.
  •  Tells you the hottest trends:  Google Trans helps you to identify which are the most popular topics nowadays.
  • Finds Your Competitors:   One advantage you have with Google Friend is that they are there for you. Finds your competitors and helps you to create more such posts.
  •  The region tells you where your keywords are most searched: Google Trends lets you know where your keywords are spent the most? Shows you the name of that region.

How to use Google Trends

  • First of all, you have to click on the official website of   Google Trends .
  • After that the Google Trends website will open in front of you. Here you have to click on the top to select your country.
  • Now on the other side of the same screen, on clicking on the three lines , you will see some options in front of you. Now click on Trending Searches .
  • After clicking, now a new page will open in front of you, in which you will see two options, let’s know what will you be able to see in these two options?
  • 1- Daily Search Trends:
  • If you look in Daily Search Trends, then you will get to know what people are looking for the most today.
  • 2- Real Time Search Trends:
  • If you click on Real Time Search Trends, then you can also find out what people are watching on the internet at the moment.


 I hope that through my article friends, you must have understood what is Google Trends? Or how does it work? In future also, I will continue to provide you more information through my article.

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