What is Instagram - How to download Instagram
What is Instagram - How to download Instagram

What is Instagram – How to download Instagram

What is Instagram?  how to download instagram in computer and mobile ? How to sign up instagram ? how to download instagram in mobile?

Friends,the Instagram app is only available on smartphones or tablets (Android and iOS), but you can use Instagram on a personal computer with an emulator or Safari for Mac users. In this article, we’ll show you how to download and use the Instagram app on your computer.

Friends, as you know how much era of internet is going on nowadays. Everyone is available on social media nowadays. There are many types of access to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram and many more. Out of all these apps, the most wanted app that has become nowadays is Instagram. Instagram is the most favorite social media platform of our youth nowadays. Some people have stopped running Facebook or WhatsApp and mostly started using Instagram only. Instagram is an app through which you can also chat with your friends or upload your photos. You can also send messages to your friends through the Instagram Direct feature.

 What is Instagram?How to download Instagram

 Instagram is a free online photo sharing application and social network platform that was authorized by Facebook in 2012. Instagram allows users to edit and upload photos and videos through the mobile app. Users can add a caption to each of their posts and use hairstyle and location based geo tags to grace these photos and they can be searched by other users within the app. Every single post by users appears on their followers’ Instagram feeds Users also have the option to create their own profiles at the bottom. So that only them and their posts can be seen. In addition to other social networking platforms, Instagram   people can also comment, like or bookmark others’ posts.

What is Instagram - How to download Instagram in Computer and Mobile?

History Of Instagram

  • Instagram was created in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.
  • After that in October 2010, it was launched for the iOS operating system .
  • This application was made in the year 2012 for Android devices and then in 2016 for Windows.
  • Due to increasing popularity, Facebook bought Instagram in the year 2012.

Can Instagram account be hacked?

For your information, we would like to tell you that one instagram account can be hacked so easily but the thing to note is that it is not impossible either. There are some people who can easily hack Instagram account. So let us now come to the point there are some methods using which Instagram account can be hacked such as

  • By Phishing
  • Using Keylogger or Spy Apps
  • Social engineering skills
  • hacking a facebook account


This is a very famous and old way to hack anyone’s online account. This allows hackers to create a fake login page that looks exactly like the original and when a user signs in, that page automatically saves the user’s password id and username in the form of this file. Although it is not that easy to create a login page but it is not impossible either.

keylogger And Spy App

Keylogger is a special software that records all the keyboard movements and saves them in a file which can be accessed by anyone later. When Victim login to his account then it is done with his username and password. The same is the second toll spy apps, if you install the spy app on the victim’s mobile, then it gets installed completely and does not show it anywhere. The victim never even knows that someone else is viewing her login information.

 Having Social Enginnering Skill

Recognizing the behavior of Vikram or users is called social engineering skill. Using this app, you create a phishing page and send their link to many people saying that if they sign up in it then they will get free mobile recharge and coupons from any shopping site in return. After that you can call from anyone’s number and the victim will not even know who has made the call and from where, in this way many people can hack Instagram.

Hacking Facebook Account

Like we all know that many people have their Facebook account linked to their Instagram account. So if someone has hacked your Facebook account then he can easily hack your Instagram account.

 How to download Instagram to Mobile?

 Follow the steps given below to download Instagram on mobile.

  • Go to Playstore:   Open Mobile and first go to Play Store. Search there Instagram.
  • Install   . Instagram will appear on your screen. Click on Instagram and hit the Install button.
  • Create account:   After installation, it will be open in your mobile, open it and create your account in it.
  • Enter email and mobile number. To   create an account on Instagram, you have to first enter either your email address or your mobile number in it.
  • Enter the confirmation code : After entering the email and mobile number, a code will come to create your account, if you have entered the email, it will come on the email and if you have entered the mobile number, then it will come to your mobile, enter that code and click on Next.
  • Enter Username and Password   . Your account has been created after entering the confirmation code. Now you have to enter your username or password in it. After entering both, click on the Next button and proceed.
  • This was the way to download Instagram on mobile Let us tell you how Instagram is downloaded in computer?

How to download Instagram in Computer?

Follow the steps given below to download Instagram on computer.

  • Download BLUESTACK  :   To download any to your computer, first you have to download Bluestack. BlueStacks is an Android emulator that lets you download everything to your computer.
  • Click Next. After downloading, open BlueStack and click on the Next button on its welcome screen.
  • App Store Access and  Application Communications:  After clicking on Next, you will get two options that will be Tick both App Store SS and Application Communication and click on Install.
  • Android On Click to:   Now you will see extreme and look once more at the top of that there click on Android and search for Instagram.
  • Continue to click to:   You must choose to set up a one-time after opening Instrgm. And click on Continue.
  • Enter your Gmail address:   After continuing there, you will be asked to enter your Gmail address and turn on BlueStack.
  • App Sync  and install the click to:   When you get an option your Blustak will be operational. Install App Sync and Instagram.
  • User name and password enter:   Instagram after installing it Login to enter your user name or password.

This is the way to download and use Instagram in computer.


I hope friends, do you have understood what is Instagram or how to download Instagram on computer in mobile? If you still have any query after this then we are always available for you. You can ask your question by commenting in the comment box below. Stay tuned with me on my website to find out more.

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