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What is Internet Banking and How to do Online Banking?

What is Internet Banking? How to do Online Banking?
What is Internet Banking and How to do Online Banking?

What is Internet Banking? How to do Internet Online Banking | How Can I Get Internet Banking | Internet Banking Login Kaise Kare | What are the types of Internet Banking

Friends, today we are going to tell you what is Internet Banking and how to do it online? If we can call today’s modern era as internet age or digital age, then we can call it by any name, being modern means internet itself. There is also banking , with the help of internet banking , we can do all the work of our bank sitting at home, it also saves our time and we are also saved from the crowd because the population of our country is very high, so there is a problem of going everywhere. have to face

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what is internet banking

What is Internet Banking and How to do Online Banking?

 Banks have now made this facility online, which saves a lot of our time and we complete all the procedures sitting at home, but we have to do this work very carefully because nowadays many cases have come to the fore that your account Money can disappear from anytime, so Internet Banking should be done very carefully and yes keep this in mind, do not leave the banking password in your mobile or save it in your mobile, only you have to remember it like we have ATM card password. If you write it somewhere, then remember it specially, nowadays if you cannot work carefully, then our bank account account can be hacked, so many precautions have to be taken to take advantage of the facility of Internet Banking.

What is Internet Banking and How to do Online Banking?

Internet Banking Online Booking

 If our banks are far away, then we go by bike, car or auto and there is a problem of traffic jam everywhere on the way, then it takes us 2 hours to go to the bank and our money is also saved, then nothing better than this. Why can’t we sit at home and do our work and if we need cash, then we can withdraw it from ATM card and can also transfer money , so there is no need to go to the bank.

Purpose of Internet Banking

Internet banking is a facility related to the bank from which we can operate our computer laptop or mobile. In today’s modern era, our biggest problem is that we do not have time, we are so busy now that we do not have time. That we go to the bank in long queues, if we have to withdraw cash, deposit or transfer money, then it has a long process, first we take the form and fill it again and then correct me we go to the bank counter So what we see is that there are more long lines, it came to know that we have to get rid of all these things which took 2 hours in this work.

What is Internet Banking and How to do Online Banking?

Benefits of Net Banking

  • You can see all the information of your bank account on your computer laptop mobile through internet sitting at home, we can see all the information of old transactions through this.
  • You do not need to go to the bank for many things because you can apply online for everything such as passbook, check book, credit card, you can apply online for all these
  • You can see online how much balance is in your account and whether you have received payment from anywhere or not.
  • With Internet banking, we can do many such tasks sitting at home, which earlier used to take a lot of time like shopping mobile recharge DTH recharge.
  • If we fill any government form, then we had to stand in long lines to deposit its fees, then there is also the facility of net banking for this, you can pay such fees through your credit card.
  • The facility of money transfer is also a very good achievement of the internet, if we have to transfer our money like we have to pay someone or help any relatives or we have to pay monthly salary to our workers, then we directly transfer money to their account. Do it, it saves a lot of time.
  • With the facility of net banking, we can also make fixed deposits, for this also we do not need to go to the bank, we can directly transfer money from our account to our fixed deposit accounts.
  • Through internet, we can also book any kind of ticket like air line, railway stadium to watch the match.
What is Internet Banking and How to do Online Banking?

how to do net banking

So you have seen how many facilities we get from net banking, but we will tell you how to use it.

  • To start net banking, we have to go to the bank in which we have an account. There you will get a form, fill it and submit it.
  •  If the form is not filled with great care, otherwise you will not be able to take advantage of the internet facility and it will not be able to be activated in our mobile or laptop.
  • After filling the form, we have to submit it at the bank counter, after submitting the form, we will get a user ID and password from the bank, which we have to keep.
  • When we go to the official website of that bank from our mobile or laptop to activate the Internet Bank facility, we will use the User ID and Password.
  •  When we login to the website of that bank, then we have to use the user id and password there.
  • After logging in, the form will open in front of you, it has been made correctly. If you fill in the wrong information, you may get into trouble later.
  • After filling the form, you submit it, then your internet banking account will be activated and you can take advantage of this facility.

Precautions while doing Internet Banking

  • While doing net banking, you have to use your own laptop or computer, do not use someone else’s or cyber cafe computer, because of this your bank information, password can be accessed by someone else, which can also hack your account.
  • Keep changing your password at regular intervals so that no one can hack your account.
  • While changing the password, keep in mind that never enter your name, mobile number, date of birth in the password, because of this there is a risk of your account being hacked.
  • While doing net banking, keep in mind that there is no person around you.
  • You must download an antivirus software in the mobile from which you do net banking from the laptop, even this will keep your internet account safe.
  • If you suspect that my internet banking account details are being leaked, contact the bank immediately.

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