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What is Mac Address – How to find MAC address of any computer or laptop free

What is Mac Address – How to find MAC address of any computer or laptop
What is Mac Address – How to find MAC address of any computer or laptop

What is Mac Address – How to find MAC address of any computer or laptop

What is Mac Address? How to find MAC address of any computer or laptop. How to Change Mac Address | Types Of MAC Address

Friends, nowadays everyone is connected to the Internet and laptop, as you know, without laptop and computer, no one’s work is done. Computer and laptop is an important thing in our life without which we cannot do anything. When you use so much computer and laptop, you must know about MAC address. But anyway there are many users who do not know about the MAC address, what is it? Do you know that if your laptop is lost or stolen somewhere, you can find it by MAC address . Mac address is a very important part of your if you have a laptop, then let us tell you through this article today what is a Mac address and where is it found?

What is a Mac Address?

MAC address is a kind of identification number. It is also called hardware address. All the networking devices have different MAC address . MAC address is a 12 digit identification number that is assigned to each networking device. Any device that comes in contact with a network through the MAC address is tracked at the same time. The full form of MAC address is media access control address. Mac address is mostly in pairs of 2-2 and which is usually written in 3 format. Where does the first 3 digits of Mac address go to OUI (ORGANIZATIONAL UNIQUE IDENTIFIER). And the last 3 digits are called NIC (NETWORK INTERFACE CONTROLLER).


What is Mac Address – How to find MAC address of any computer or laptop free
What is Mac Address – How to find MAC address of any computer or laptop free

Types Of MAC Address

  • Unicast
  • Multicast
  • Broadcast
What is Mac Address – How to find MAC address of any computer or laptop free

MAC address functions

If your PC or laptop is lost somewhere, then you can easily find the location by tracking the network of your laptop with the help of MAC address.

If we connect or communicate some electronic and networking devices together, then it can be possible only through math address.

If you have a router and someone knows the password of your router, then you can secure your PC’s network with a map address.

How to find MAC address on my device ?

Follow the steps below to find the MAC address on your device.

Windows 10,8,7, Vista:

Click Windows Start.

Type cmd in the search box.

Press Enter A command window will open.

Type ipconfig /all.

And press enter. You will see a physical address for each device, let’s say that physical address Mac address

Windows 2000, 2003, XP,  NT:

Click on Start and select Run. Run Taxbox will open in front of you.

Type cmd in the Run Taxbox.

Press Enter. The command prompt will appear on your display.

Type ipconfig /all in the command prompt.

Press Enter. This will display your physical address, next will be the Mac address of your computer.


Go to Settings.

Go to General and click on About.

You will see the WiFi address, this will be the MAC address of your device .


Go to Settings.

Go to About device and click on Status.

You will see the WiFi address, this WiFi address will be your Mac address.

How to Change Mac Address?

To change the MAC address of Windows, follow the steps given below.

Press the computer’s Start button and type computer management. Click on Computer Management option.

You will see the option of Device Manager, click on it.

In Device Manager, click on the option of Network Adapters.

Right click on the network adapter you want to change the MAC address of and go to Properties.

By going to properties, you will see Advance, click on Advanced and go to Network Address.

Enter your new Mac address and click OK.

Process to find out MAC address of computer

First of all you have to open command prompt on your computer .

Press windows+R to prompt command and type cmd and press enter. Now type ipconfig /all cmd in cmd prompt and press enter.

Now you will get the MAC address of your computer, laptop and Windows PC. You can see the MAC address in the physical address.

find mac address of mobile

First of all, you have to go to the settings of your smartphone.

After that go to about section and then click on Status .

Now you can see your phone’s MAC address in WiFi MAC Address.

If you do not get the MAC address in the About phone in the smartphone, then you can check it by going to the WiFi settings

First go to your photo settings.

Go to WiFi.

Now go to Options and go to Advanced Settings.

You will find your MAC address below.


I hope you have come to know through my article that what is a Mac address or how to find it? I will try to keep on explaining about more things to you through my article in the same way.

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