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What is Microsoft Windows and how many types of Microsoft Windows are there free 2021?

What is Microsoft Windows

What is Microsoft windows? How many types of Microsoft Windows are there. Microsoft Windows Search Function.How to download microsoft windows.

Friends, today we are telling you about Microsoft Windows , what is Microsoft Window and what are the types of Microsoft Window, we will give you information about the features of Microsoft Window and its use. In today’s internet age, most of the people work only on Microsoft window but most of them do not know what is the window and many people do not know about it completely, so keeping this in mind we are today. We will provide you all the information related to Microsoft Windows for you.

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What is Microsoft Windows called?

Is a product of Microsoft Windows Microsoft company called Windows Microsoft Windows is an operating system which is also known by the name of the graphic interface operating system use of Microsoft Windows is used in most computers unless Microsoft Windows did not start at that time MS-DOS operating system was used to work on MS-DOS operating system was working on a system where the command line in Microsoft windows, you can use a lot of features.What is Microsoft Windows

What is Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows debut

On number 10, 1983, Microsoft company launched the first version of Windows , Window 1.0, for 4 years people worked on this window, after that Windows Microsoft launched Windows 2.0 in 1987 and after that 3 years of Windows 3.0. After the version came, many versions of Windows went on coming one after the other, after that in the year 2011.

The Windows XP version came and became more famous than the Windows version and its features were also good, Windows was very easy for the users. After this, window7 was launched, it is also called a successful version, after this the latest version of Windows was launched in 2015, Window 10, which is still working, it is a very good window.What is Microsoft Windows

What is Microsoft Window
What is Microsoft Window

Types of Microsoft Windows

single user operating system

In a single-user operating system, only one user works at a time, hence it is called single-user OS.

multi user os

In a multi user operating system, more than one user can work at a time, this operating system is used in large companies.

multitasking operating system

In a multitasking operating system, you can operate different programs simultaneously.

multithreading operating system

Multi-threading operating system provides the ability to run multiple parts of the same program.

Multiprocessing operating system

The special feature of a multi-processing operating system is that it allows a program to operate on more than one CPU.

Features of Windows

Here we are telling you the features of Windows, what features Windows gives us.

Microsoft Windows Search Function

When we work on Windows, we save it in files, when we have a lot of files, then we create its folder, sometimes it happens that we are searching for any of our files and If we do not find it, then we also search for that file according to the name and date, all this is done only through the window search option.

Windows Update

There is also a feature of Windows that you do not have to go to any website to update it, for this you get the option of automatic update in the window itself, this feature has been included separately to keep this operating system up to date. Security updates have also been included in this, if you set these features, then new updates are installed automatically.

Microsoft Windows taskbar

When you open a program to perform a task, it shows up in the taskbar. Its position is visible at the bottom, for which you can change it to any position from top down, right, left, there are many types of icons show like calendar clock and program icon.What is Microsoft Windows

Windows Live

Windows Live provides you a bunch of software and live tools which you can access which includes many tools like photo gallery networking tools chat client movie maker etc which you can use as per your convenience.

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