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What is Microsoft Word – How to run it, MS Word New Features free 2021

What is Microsoft Word
What is Microsoft Word

What is MS Word? What is Microsoft Word (MS Word)? MS Word Features | how to learn ms word how to run microsoft word how to learn ms word online

There is a popular world application included in Microsoft Office. It provides us the facility of typing, editing, formatting and printing. For this reason Microsoft Word is used for a variety of formal and personal tasks. Microsoft Word to Office DocumentsMS Office is a software MS Word is a software of Microsoft Office, and it is made by Microsoft company, these software are the most used software in the world. You should know that it is also called world. What is Microsoft Word – How to run it, MS Word New Features

MS Word is used to create, edit, open, format, print and share documents by doing word processing. Today, through this post, we will provide you all the information related to what is MS Word, what are its features and how it works.

What is Microsoft Word

In today’s time, all the work related to documents is done on the computer through the Internet, but it is important to know which application is in the computer with the help of which it works and the name of that application is MS Word. The full form of MS Word is Microsoft Word . It is a word processing application. Which we use to create new document, edit old document, format and print it.

Like word processing programs, it has very useful tools. It is made by the world’s largest software company Microsoft. It started In the 1981 movie Bill Gates, who is the owner of Microsoft company, two programmers Charles simrnyi and Richard brodie.It was developed by Microsoft in 1983. Many changes have been made since then till today.What is Microsoft Word – How to run it, MS Word New Features

What is Microsoft Word - How to run it, MS Word New Features free 2021
What is Microsoft Word – How to run it, MS Word New Features free 2021

Important Parts of Microsoft Word

Menu Bar- This is a set of all the features available in the MS-Word program. The main menu again shows the other sub-menus.What is Microsoft Word – How to run it, MS Word New Features

Title bar – The title bar is above the document that contains the currently active document as well as Microsoft Word. It is used to change the size and location of Word windows.

Formatting Tool Bar – This bar is used to give shape to the arrangement of text. Here you can do any font, size, bold, italic etc. and you can adjust the setting of the paragraph.

Insertion Pointer – This is a glowing vertical line on the document screen that indicates where the text will appear as you type.What is Microsoft Word – How to run it, MS Word New Features

Ruler Bar – With the help of the ruler bar, you can provide the correct layout to your document.

Office Button – Office Button is a major part of MS Word. This button is in the menu bar. In this button there are many options for the file or document created in MS Word.

Ribbon  Ribbon is another part of the MS Word window. It is below the menu bar. The red part of the MS Word window shown in this lesson is the ribbon. In this section, the options of MS Word tabs (which are in the options menu bar) are shown.

What is Microsoft Word – How to run it, MS Word New Features free 2021

Benefits of MS Word

Storage of Text – With the help of word processor, we can keep many copies of the documents we have written and if there is a need to make some changes in it, then make a copy of it and replace the required text in a separate file. can make and keep.

Quality- We get error-free documents in Microsoft Word. It has an inbuilt grammar checker tool which also corrects any spelling and grammar mistake in our document.

Dynamic Exchange of Data- We can also exchange and share data and pictures of Word documents with other applications.

 Time Saver- We can make unlimited copies of just one document without retyping, thus saving us a lot of time.

Securities- Sometimes we make a personal document or a document that we want no one else to read. So for this we can also lock it with a password.

What is Microsoft Word – How to run it, MS Word New Features

Features of Microsoft Word

  • Whatever documents you create, you can save it in HTML format and view it on the Internet browser.
  • You can easily and quickly create web pages with the web page wizard.
  • After this you can see the review on the browser page of the web.
  • You can link another document or page with the hyperlink interface.
  • If you connect to the internet then you can email easily.
  • If you want to change your language, then you can use any language by going to the language setting.
  • With the help of profile tools, you can select the language as well as put any software in it.
  • You can also use the spelling check and grammar checking tools.
  • In the assigned language, you can work in the language of your choice, which the operating system will support.

use ms word

  • It is the most used application for word processing in the whole world and even today it is running at the top. In its place, no one uses any other application.
  • Microsoft is used to create resume letter application booklet report business card presentation.
  • In addition to MS Word, there are many other software in Microsoft Office like MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Access etc. Programs are included with MS Word.
  • If you want to use this then you have to install MSOffice. Earlier we could use this software only in computer. But it can also be used in Android mobile which you can download and use from playstore.
  • It is used in schools, colleges, offices and many places.
What is Microsoft Word – How to run it, MS Word New Features

how to learn ms word

1- Microsoft Help

This is the easiest and most reliable source to learn MS Word. You get training directly from Microsoft.

2- Books

Microsoft Word is a very popular program.

These books are written with practical training. A lot of screenshots are used to explain. Tutorials are written step by step. Therefore, users do not face much problem in understanding.

3- Online Courses

Nowadays it has become very easy to learn any skill through online courses. Due to e-learning, it was never easier than today to learn any skill sitting at home. Therefore, you can also do M word course through online learning portals. We are telling you some names from where you can take online training of MS Word.



Khan Academy

TutorialPandit Academy

4- Web-Based Tutorials

There are hundreds of websites available on the internet that teach free MS Word online. Some popular sources we are telling you below

 Where you can learn word.





5-Computer Institutes

If you do not have a computer, then you can go to any computer institute and learn MS word. Here you get both computer and software to do practical.

In case of any problem, you can also ask the trainer immediately.

What is Microsoft Word – How to run it, MS Word New Features

How to learn MS word online?

We can easily learn MS Word offline, but there are some ways through which we can also learn MS Word online. The following steps have to be followed to learn MS Word online.


 As we all know YouTube is a means of entertainment using which we can watch many things and get good information. So in such a situation, if you want to learn MS Word sitting at home through the Internet, then you can learn MS Word absolutely free from YouTube. You will find many tutorial videos of MS Word on YouTube, which will tell you the use of MS Word in many steps.

Through Free and Paid Courses:-

If you use the Internet, then you will know that there are many such sites available on Google in which you can easily learn MS Word course for free or by paying fees. For this, after opening Google, you have to type MS Word free or paid in it, thus many options will open in front of you through which you can learn it.

open in ms office

  • First of all open your computer laptop.
  • After that click on start button.
  • There you will see a list of all the softwares.
  • After opening Microsoft Office, you will see MS Word, click on it.
  • Now you can do your work on this how we work we are telling you below.
What is Microsoft Word – How to run it, MS Word New Features

Start your work in MS Word

  • When the page of MS Word will come in front of you, then the menu appears at the top, it has all the options.
  • You have to click on New Document.
What is Microsoft Word – How to run it, MS Word New Features
  • Like clicking Edit File View and other commands as you want to do.
  • The tool bar is located at the bottom of the menu bar and appears on the display, it contains all the general information like saving printing open document Different types of documents have different types of alignment, you can select it
  • You can see the alignment in the center of almost, after the underline button, you will see before the bullet button.
  • You can also do line spacing in your document, you can also do it by clicking on the option of edit
  • If you want to set the layout then you can click on the Orientation option.
  • You can also set the paper size by clicking on the size option.
  • You can also adjust the footers and headers by clicking on the margin option
  • After this you can select the customer whomever you want.
  • You can also add columns from outside your tool, you have to select the column.
  • After that you can also do alignment columns.
  • You can also use the reset option if you need to select two or three columns.
  •  If you want to highlight bullets and numbering in it, select Number or Bullets in More About.
  • You can format the document style such as title and heading, after this you must have understood how to work on MS Word.

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