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What is Monolith? – What Is Monolith- Monolith mystery


What is Monolith? When and where did monoliths appear? Features of Monolith | What Is Monolith – what is monolith?

What is Monolith

A large piece of mountain or rock or a single massive stone or rock of a building is called a monolith. It is made of very hard and solid metamorphic. Its geologic structure is usually very bright. These days this topic is very much discussed on social media because for the last few days there are reports of monolith sighting in America, Utah desert, northern Romania. According to the Collins Dictionary “a monolith is a very large straight piece” that was specially placed in antiquity. We will provide you all the information related to Monolith and its secrets through this.

When and where did monoliths appear?

For the last few days, different steel poles are visible and after some time they disappear, these pillars are called monoliths. Some monoliths are man-made and some are natural.

  • First on 18 November 2020, a triangular metal monolith 10 to 12 feet high was seen between a huge red rock while being monitored from a helicopter by a local official in the US state of Utah. When and how it got there is not known yet and a week later it disappeared.
  • Then on 27 November, a 2.8-metre monolith was again seen near the Petrodao Dacian fortress in Romania.
  • The third time it was seen in the mountains of California on 2 December and the fourth time in the Netherlands on 7 December.
  • So far it remains a mystery where these monoliths come from and where they disappear. So far, 5 mysterious pillars have been seen around the world, out of which four are of white silver color and the pillar seen in America is of gold.
What is Monolith? - What Is Monolith- Monolith mystery

Does the gold monolith control all the pillars?

The gold pillar seen in Colombia, America, makes the local people think that it is the Gold Master Monolith, which controls the rest of the 4 silver colored pillars. In Colombia, the administration has found a golden pillar at the end of this week and a pillar has been found across Krapton Beach, besides silver-colored metal poles have been seen in many different places.

Fear of aliens among Colombians

The people of Nagaland say that there are no footprints near this metal pillar because till now no one has any information about where these pillars came from. The people of Colombia are under a lot of stress after getting the gold pillar. The work of putting up the poles is not the work of aliens, this fear is troubling the people of Colombia. The Most Famous Artist has now the responsibility of Monolith founded Matty Mo had. The group sells three types of metal poles around the world, one of which costs $45,000. When Mattimo was asked, he revealed that the monoliths are no longer under his control.

Features of the Monoliths of Romania and Utah

  • A new 13-foot-tall monolith has been found in Romania and it faces Mount Koilau on one side.
  • This monolith has a reflective surface.
  • It was found near a fortress built by the ancient Dacians between 82 BC and AD on the Batca Dumanei hill in northern Romania.
  • The monolith in Utah was 9.5 feet tall.
  • It was made of sheets of white metal that were riveted together in the shape of a triangular prism.
  • It was set amidst a red colored rock.

 Hollywood movie also mentions mysterious monolith

A similar metal pole was first mentioned in a 1968 book on scientific fiction called Arthur C. Clark , after which a film was made on the book. It was shown in the film that aliens erected such metal poles to communicate with fellow aliens in space, and these metal poles awakened the intelligence of a prehistoric tribe on Earth. That is the development of today’s man. After the appearance of these pillars, now the discussions of this book and the film are happening very fast all over the world. can.

The mysterious disappearance of the monolith

The General FM radio station had reached the spot where the monoliths were visible to examine the monolith. He told after that that we had found such a metal structure which had round marks on its surface, which we were all very surprised to see. He later told that the monolith mysteriously disappeared on 30 November. At the end of the first week of December, some people saw a miracle monolith on the beach of the Isle of White. 

After all these controversies, Mexico’s art collective The Most Famous Artist has claimed that ” he had installed monoliths seen in Utah and California “. According to the media, he has shared three pictures on his Instagram page, out of which two are of pillars made by him and one is of a pillar found in California.

 Trump supporters replace miniliths with wooden crosses

The metal poles, a subject of mystery around the world, were later uprooted by right-wing youths. They have replaced the metal pillars with wooden crosses (the holy symbol of Christians). During this, youths raised slogans of America First and Christ is King , they showed this whole incident live on social media. This mysterious metal pillar was installed on top of the mountain of California. A young man said that Jesus Christ is the king in this country . We don’t want illegal aliens from Mexico or the outside world. After a lot of hard work, these pillars were uprooted. His people tied the metal pole with a rope and threw it down the hill.

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