What is Net Neutrality and Advantages and Disadvantages of Net Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality and Advantages and Disadvantages of Net Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality? What is the use of Net Neutrality? what happened to net neutrality | What are the advantages and disadvantages of net neutrality?

Friends, today we are telling you about Net Neutrality , what is it and what are the uses of Net Neutrality and what are its advantages and disadvantages. Net neutrality means the same net system i.e. everyone will get the same speed of net and there is no extra charge for it. In today’s internet age, a common person has started using the internet, due to which about 400 million people use the internet and in the coming 2 or 3 years the number of internet users will reach black 700 million, so everyone is the same.

Internet should be given Net Neutrality , if we call Net Equality, then it will also be fine, so everyone should be allowed to use the Internet equally, today we are giving you detailed information on this subject.

What is Net Neutrality and Advantages and Disadvantages of Net Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality?

If net neutrality is interpreted in simple words, then it means giving equal rights to the people who are using the internet, if you are using any website or social messaging app, then net connection is required in it without net. Can’t enjoy the connection, providing you the same speed to run these apps and software and no extra charge is charged , this is called Net Neutrality . Neutrality simply means fairness, that’s why net neutrality means net neutrality. Internet service provider should provide common internet to all the people. Everyone should get good network and good speed, this is called net fairness.

Net Neutrality in India

Net neutrality has had such a profound effect that many countries have enacted the law of net neutrality. In India too, the Airtel company had asked 3G users to charge extra in the year 2017, only after that there has been a debate about net neutrality in India. After this, the Government of India has also implemented the law of Net Net Reality. All net users of India are getting the same network and same speed facility. It is expected to increase to about 200 million users in 2 years, so there is a need to expand Net Neutrality in India . That is why under the Net Fairness Act, it is mandatory for all internet users to have the same network and same speed.

Uses and benefits of net neutrality

If you have a 4G mobile and you use the Internet, then it is a matter of great pleasure for you that now you will be provided with good Internet facility easily, so we are telling you the uses and benefits of Net Natlity.

  • The benefit of Net Neutrality will reach all those people who use the Internet equally.
  • All internet users will be able to use the internet easily without any restrictions and discrimination.
  • After the Internet Fairness Act comes into force, all consumers will experience the same speed of Internet.
  • You will not have to pay any extra charge for 4G facility.
  • Internet users will not make any changes to their Internet plan, whatever work they do, such as viewing a website.
  • Internet users will not have to pay any extra charge for using any website or other internet services.
  • Internet users will have the right to access any website that used to be open only on high speed Internet, that website will also work on your normal Internet service plan.
  • Large telecommunications companies can give directions, but they don’t have the power to educate people how to walk. It isn’t possible to distinguish between different groups.
  • Since the birth of the Internet, net impartiality has been its backbone.
  • Net impartiality lawyers invention. Startups would be at a disadvantage if big companies like Google and Netflix could pay further attention to getting further bandwidth and briskly pets.
  • It negatively affects freedom of speech. Without net impartiality, large companies can prioritize TV over their own videotape
  • .Net impartiality supports largely competitive requests and allows everyone from large to small launch-ups to share.
  • If your network isn’t neutral, Google, Facebook, or Zomato won’t be suitable to reach moment’s situations. Limiting Internet druggies to a neutral network is a big blow to start-ups.
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Disadvantages of Net Neutrality

Friends, here we are telling you the disadvantages of net neutrality.

  • For example, if net neutrality ends, internet users will suffer the most.
  • After the end of the net fairness law, all Internet users will be completely controlled by the Internet Service Provider.
  • If many websites charge more money, then consumers will be compelled to use them.
  • Many websites that charge more will either not be able to use them or they will work very slowly.
  • If the internet user wants to use any other website, then he will have to do extra recharge.
  • The more the internet user uses the internet, the more he will have to recharge it.
  • After the end of the net neutrality law, the government of any country will decide how much internet a common internet user can use.

So guys how important the net Nutraliti internet users that have seen and we have told you about its use Profit and Loss hope you Net Neutrality will come to know about.

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