Home Information What is OTP and how to use it?

What is OTP and how to use it?

What is OTP and how to use it?
What is OTP and how to use it?

What is OTP and how to use it?

What is OTP? What is the full form of OTP? How to use OTP ? Type Of (OTP) One Time Password | What are the advantages of OTP

Friends, today we will tell you what is OTP and why it is necessary to use it and why do we use it Keeping this in mind, OTP process has been started so that our account remains secure whether it is a bank account or on any website or any software or application OTP is used everywhere.

Automatic creation of one-time passwords (OTP) for digital or alphabetical strings that users can verify during a single login operation or session.

One-time passwords are more secure than static passwords, especially when user-generated passwords can be disabled and / or reused on multiple accounts.

The access point can change the login information once or use it to add another level of security at the same time.

What is OTP and how to use it?

One-time password

Nowadays everyone uses the internet because it has become much easier than before, so keeping its security in mind, if we download an app and create our account on it, then before creating an account, we have to go to that software company. An OTP has to be taken from us, we can create our account only by filling that OTP, OTP confirms that the account creator is the real person whose OTP is received on the registered phone number.

What is OTP ?

The full form of OTP is One Time Password. It can be from 6 to 8 digits, which can also be called a unit code, its validity can be from 5 to 10 minutes, if you do not use it in the meantime then it goes to waste and then we have to ask for OTP for the second time. Which is completely different from the previous OTP, OTP is also used in fund transfer, just like if you want to order goods online from any e-commerce website.

Then you have to order OTP from your mobile number, with the help of which you can get online goods. And it also keeps the security of your account and whenever we download an app like Facebook or WhatsApp or Twitter Instagram, before starting it, when we create an ID on it, before that we get an option that We have to enter our mobile number on which an OTP is received, after that we can use that app.

Why is OTP required?

  • The need for OTP is very important to provide security to the consumers. Its purpose is to provide two-step verification to the consumers, for which OTP can be used from 4 
  • to 8 digits in the OTP introduced.
  • Which creates a unique code that is given completely different from your normal password. Most of the users keep a simple password like their date of birth, childhood name etc. which can be easily hacked.
  • Which causes a lot of damage to online security, so in view of fund security or e-commerce companies also use it like we have to recharge our mobile, this OTP is useful even if we have to recharge this dish. Because of this, our personal information is not shared with anyone else.

Advantages of OTP

  • There are many benefits of OTP, it protects our online account, through which many of our accounts like Paytm, Google Pay, Online Banking, etc. are kept safe.
  • If you take OTP security in online bank account then you are safe and no one can know your username and password because OTP will come on your registered mobile number only and hacker cannot do anything without OTP.
  • If you have forgotten the password of any of your accounts or are using Facebook or Twitter after a long time and you have forgotten its password or changed your mobile or laptop and you do not remember the password, then you have to click on Forgotten Password to create a new one. You can start it again by asking for OTP.

Where can you use OTP?

OTP can be used at all online places corresponding to fund transfer, if you want to transfer funds through online banking, then it is used to do it through your debit card even if you link your bank account with aadhaar Even if you want to do it, you will have to take the help of OTP. As you know, there are many such apps or websites where you have to use OTP while logging in, without that this process does not start whether it is online shopping or online Whatever be the fund transfer application, it is first asked for OTP. For ATM card also OTP is used to change the password through ATM machine.

Types of OTP

Friends, here we are telling you how many types of OTP are there, it is mainly of three types, which we are telling below.

By SMS – When we send OTP to our mobile through SMS through our registered mobile number, it is called SMS OTP.

By Email – When we have forgotten or are setting our password on any website then we get OTP through email to generate new password which we call as Email OTP.

Through Voice Call – The third way to get OTP is that when we get OTP through voice call on our registered mobile number it is called Voice over OTP.

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