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What is Output and Input Device and what are its types

What is Output and Input Device
What is Output and Input Device

What is Output and Input Device? What is the Input Device? What are the types of input devices? What are the functions of input devices? What is the difference between Output and Input Device devices?

As you know computer is very important in our life. You know that computer has become an important part of life through which we do our school college office work. Computers are used in banks, cyber cafes, hotels and many other places, and to run the computer, we need two anointed devices like AAA and the device device is called input and output device. Input and output are those of the computer through which the computer works, so let us know What is Output and Input Device ?

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 What is an input device?

 An input device in a computer is a piece of hardware that is used to provide information equipment rules, data, and control signals to the computer. Your information is inserted into the computer through input devices. Which makes it very easy for you to read and see it. A computer cannot function without input devices. There are many examples of input devices. Such as keyboard mouse scanner digital camera joy stick and microphone is included.

What is Output and Input Device and what are its types

type of output device

1- Monitor Output Device

Monitor comes in the category of output device, it is exactly like TV. It is very difficult to work without it. It is also called visual display unit. Monitors are used to view videos, images and documents. There are 2 types of output monitor devices. Which is as follows- CRT Monitor, LCD Monitor

What is Output and Input Device

2- Printer Output Device

This device is used by computers to print information which we get in the form of hard coffee. This output device converts soft copy into hard coffee.

Output printer

3- Plotter Output Device

This device also works like a printer but it prints large size things. With this, Graph, Drawing, Chart is printed. It is used for making large drawings or photos and the photo is made on paper with the help of a pen or pencil. It is used for Map, Constructions Plans etc.

4- Output Device Speaker

It is also an output device. Through which you can also listen to music. The sound we hear through the speaker is generated by a part of the computer itself. Which is called sound card.

5- Projector

It is also an output device. It is used to display photos or videos on a large screen. The projector is used on a white color screen. on which the light is projected.

What about computer input devices and what functions do they perform?

  • Trackball: Trackball is also called a painting device because it is like a ball rotating on a permanent device which is moved manually using fingers. It is used to play video games.
  • Lightpen: This is an electro pointing device used to select a drawing graphic.
  • Barcode Reader: Barcode readers are used to input data from barcodes, most often in shops and malls.
  • Graphics tablet: The way graphics are made with pencil off paper and graphics are taken in computer. It is a computer input device.
  • Biometric Sensor: It is an input device which is mainly used for the purpose of security for the attendance of staff students in the institutions.
  • Scanner: Scanner is used to get direct data from document to computer system. It is an input device.
  • Webcam: A webcam is a digital camera attached to a computer. And we mostly use it for video conferencing or online chatting etc. It is a video capturing device.

output device

  • Headphone: It is connected to sources such as a music player, radio, CD player or portable media player. It is a pair of small loudspeakers in a way that we can use in our ears.
  • Projector: A projector is an output device used to display information from a computer on a large screen. It is used in smart classes. There are many types of projectors.

Multifunctional Device

A device that can perform both input and output functions is called a multifunctional device. As an example, a multifunction printer that can do both printer and scanner work, sex machine model and ATM machine etc. are also examples of this.

 What is the difference between Output and Input Device Device?

 Let’s know the difference between Output and Input Device

  •  There are 10 types of input devices such as keyboard mouse touchpad scanner digital camera microphone joy stick graphic tablet and webcam. And there are 10 kinds of output devices. Computer Monitor Speakers Headphones Printers Projector Plotters Video Cards Sound Cards CD & DVD Media. Activator.
  •  The signal is received by the input device and shown by the output device.
  •  Input device helps in taking data and entering it into computer system and output device helps in processing data.
  •  The input device sends the data to the processor unit by the user and the output device takes the data from the processor and sends it to the users.

 I hope you must have understood what is output and input devices and how are they used? Computer is very important nowadays in our life. I hope that in future also you will get to know about more things from our article.

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