What is Ozone Layer? how to save ozone layer?

What is Ozone Layer? how to save ozone layer?

What is Ozone Layer ? how to save ozone layer? What is the way to save the ozone layer? When is Ozone Layer Day celebrated? How healthy is the ozone layer?

Hello friends! We are going to talk to you about the Ozone Layer. Most all people have heard about Ojon but do you know that Ozone Layer how hard life on earth without. Increasing air pollution and weather change is worsening the condition of the ozone layer day by day, due to which the level of ultraviolet rays of the ozone layer is increasing, due to which the earth may have to suffer a lot, that is why we have to save the ozone layer. Have to be aware.

 If we want to save trees, plants and human life on earth, then we must cooperate to improve the bad condition of ozone layer . So come on, today we are going to provide you all the important information related to the ozone layer through this articles.

What is Ozone Layer? how to save ozone layer
What is Ozone Layer? how to save ozone layer

Ozone Layer What ?

Oxford University Professor Gordon Dobson discovered the ozone layer in the year 1957. Ozone layer is very important for the life of human beings and animals on earth. The ozone layer protects the earth from the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. It is located at an altitude of about 15 to 35 km from the surface of the earth, which is called the ozone layer. 

This layer is made up of 3 atoms of oxygen. This is a very thin layer which prevents the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from reaching the earth because when these rays come on the earth, the atmosphere causes a lot of damage to the animals and plants because it is like an odorous gas which It is light blue in colour.

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It occurs in the stratosphere in the upper atmosphere of the Earth and the troposphere in the lower atmosphere. The ozone layer blocks up to 95% of the dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun. Ozone Layer Formation of India When ultraviolet rays fall on Oxygen 02, they break the molecules of Oxygen so that the newborn Aroon mixes with each other and forms Ozone 03. Similarly, Ozone layer is formed all around the Earth. Is. There are many studies in the atmosphere such as troposphere, stratosphere, ozone and ionosphere.

What is Ozone Layer? how to save ozone layer

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Side effects due to the deterioration of the ozone layer

Due to the deteriorating condition of the ozone layer day by day , the danger to human beings is increasing.

This can lead to the possibility of skin cancer in humans.

These rays cause allergies and irritation in the skin.

Exposure to these ultraviolet rays has a profound effect on the immune system and causes damage.

Exposure to it for a long time causes a lot of damage to the eyes, such as increased complaints of cataract, irritation etc.What is Ozone Layer? how to save ozone layer

These ultraviolet rays accelerate the aging of the skin.

Many pigments, such as those used for coloring, food, clothing, plastics, paints, inks, dyes, etc., absorb UV and change color.

Smoke from vehicles is very harmful.

If a woman is pregnant, then exposure to these rays has a profound effect on the unborn baby.

What is Ozone Layer? how to save ozone layer

Benefits of ozone layer

Ozone layer protects us from harmful rays coming from the sun.

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The ozone layer protects us and animals and plants from damage and diseases caused by these rays.

This layer also protects the crops from damage.

The ozone layer helps to control the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The ozone layer also protects against cancer, a deadly disease that occurs in humans.

The ozone layer absorbs the amount of ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.

The ozone layer plays an important role in saving our lives.

What is Ozone Layer? how to save ozone layer

How to protect the ozone layer

As we have told you that cruising much greater risk due to persistent poor state of the ozone layer on human life necessary for him Ozone Layer will be aware of us security. So let’s then now we know how all of us together can protect the ozone layer.What is Ozone Layer? how to save ozone layer

1- Do not overuse vehicles

First of all, we have to reduce the use of vehicles because the smoke from vehicles is very harmful for the ozone layer . To use songs, we should use such technology so that pollution in the air can be reduced.

2- Do not use pesticides

The use of insecticides is very harmful to the ozone layer , so it is most important that natural damage can be saved by using natural methods instead of pesticides.What is Ozone Layer? how to save ozone layer

3- Stop cutting of trees

To protect the ozone layer, we have to tamper with nature and reduce the cutting of trees and forests, due to the erosion of trees, there is also a deep impact. As far as possible, more and more trees should be planted and they should also cooperate in the growth of trees.

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4- Use less air conditioner, refrigerator

The gas used in air conditioners and refrigerators is harmful to this ozone layer , so we should use these things only to the limit.What is Ozone Layer? how to save ozone layer

 5- Cotton mattresses should be used

Earthen axes, pattas, metal or glass utensils should be used instead of Styrofoam utensils. Apart from this, by using cotton mattresses and pillows, we can save the ozone layer.

What is Ozone Layer? how to save ozone layer

When is Ozone Layer Day celebrated?

As you all know that day by day due to built by humans Chemicals Ozone Layer is becoming damage which is due to celebrate Ozone Day to protect the ozone layer. The main objective of celebrating Ozone Day is the damage caused to the ozone layer. The General Assembly decided to celebrate Ozone Day all over the world on 19 December 2020, after which Ozone Day started being celebrated every year on 16 September.

 The theme of World Ozone Day 2019 was ’32 years and Healing’ . Last year, due to the reduction of air pollution due to the Corona epidemic and lockdown, there was a lot of improvement in the ozone layer. The hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica in the atmosphere has seen a lot of improvement.

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